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NBA Player Movement


We have a thread for the NHL, so how about the NBA? I was pretty shocked a few days ago when Shaq went to the Cavs. I remember reading somewhere that Charlie Villenueva would also be a good addition for them, but he and Ben Gordon appear to have reached deals with the Pistons. I'm a Knicks fan, and I noticed that they were talking to Jason Kidd today. I'm not really that excited about that particular move, but I guess I don't really know what his contract situation is. How about Yao Ming being out for next season? I read that the Rockets have begun stalking Dwight Howard's backup.


I hear rasheed wallace will go to either the spurs or the celtics.


Woooo go Nugs and Kobe. I think Lebron and Shaq are gonna be pretty dominant though and maybe unbeatable. As long as Boston teams lose I am happy. Kobe>Lebron Kobe>MJ Kobe=Best player ever.


Damn, Kobe gets a lot of love in Colorado......


Kobe gets love no matter where he goes, he is the best player ever afterall...


While I've got plenty of love for Bryant's game, your claim is ridiculous. Just look at Bryant's track record in the Finals: he's lost twice. Meanwhile Jordan went 6-0. And just look at Bryant's game: while devastating, it's basically a carbon copy of Jordan with all those turnaround and mid-range jumpers. And that's the later version of Jordan no less, years after he stopped getting to the rack at will and dunking over and around everyone.


As for NBA player movement, this is looking like a very interesting summer. Plenty of impact players available and plenty of contenders rumored to be ready to bring them on. These next few days should be very interesting.


Kobe forgot to jack Jordan's will to win games, and tenacity to score by any means possible.


hahahahahaha if thats implying what i think its implying thats really really funny


Oh I think he's definitely implying what you think he's implying -- like backdoor love.




Lakers just got Ron Artest!!!!!!!!!!!! shit!!! its over!!!! lol


I was hoping he was going to the Cavs. Oh well. Now I see why they passed on Ariza.