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NBA Free Agency/Offseason: The Return


Nice!! Rolling over to a second page!

So who do you guys think are the biggest winners/losers so far in the FA period?

Winners: Pat Riley, Wesley Matthews, Amir Johnson, Drew Gooden, Bulls, Mavs

Losers: Richard Jefferson, Amar'e Stoudemire (if no one joins him in NY), Bobcats


Winners: Heat

Losers: All of Ohio


Here is a link to the survey. If everyone can take 10 minutes to complete the survey I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.



Winners: Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Joe Johnson, Amare Stoudemaire, OKC Thunder [on Durant's extension alone], and I suppose the Evil 3 in Miami won, too.

Miami turned into a contender overnight, and are in good position to get talented players cheap for the rest of this summer. And next year they'll be able to sign mid-level exception guys and go over the cap, so they'll be even better next year. NBA, meet your version of the Yankees.
Boston and Orlando were already championship caliber teams, and still managed to get better. The Magic signed Q-Rich, and kept Reddick. Boston resigned Allen, Pierce and Robinson, and picked up some more size in Jermaine O'Neal.

Chicago got Boozer, and have a young team that'll only get better. Thunder resigned a franchise player, won over some fans [like myself] with the way their organization is run from upper management right down to the superstar player, and have young team that'll only get better as well.

Joe Johnson and Amre Stoudemarie somehow ended up with the fattest contracts this summer. Wow.

The Evil 3 have a lot to gain from this. Wade and Bosh can only benefit as far as fame goes, being a part of this trio--especially Bosh, who depite his Canada-enabled dominance of All Star voting isn't really famous :p. LeBron can't get any more famous in N. America but if he gets rings he'll finally be that global brand he always wanted to be.

Losers: HOLY SHIT THE CAVS, Toronto Raptors, New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks [for now], Utah Jazz, Richard Jefferson, Shaq, T-Mac, and...the Evil 3.

The Raps are rebuilding again, and NY and NJ don't even have enough players to fill out their roster and no real superstars to build around. They have to fight over left overs. NY's fortunes may change next year if Melo and Paul come, in which case Amare may have been worth the money just for his network, lol. Utah lost one of their most important players.

Richard Jefferson, Shaq, and T-Mac will all be playing for much less next year...if someone signs all of them. Jefferson will get a deal no doubt, Shaq will play for a desperate team, but I'm not so sure anyone wants T-Mac. He and AI don't look too attractive as supporting players, which is exactly what they will be if they were to go anywhere.


Maybe we'll catch up to the Thread Killer threads. Those guys are on their 21st thread though.


i dont undertand that threadkillers thread... its like one big long running inside joke :frowning:


Yeah several months ago, a guy posted the original thread, because he felt that everytime he replied to a thread, the thread died on the spot and no one else replied after him. So he felt he doomed the thread.

So at first, people replied to the thread and said 'we should have not replied and he would have killed his own thread' then it became some sort of running joke with pictures of cats. I don't get it either.


Just took your survey, T

And keep right on posting here fellas, football season is still a ways away...


Awesome chill, greatly appreciated!

HA yeah football season is creeping up in a month.......

Looks like the basketball news has pretty much come to a halt.


yeah with free agency basically over whats next? There are bound to be more NBA headlines though


I really am curious to know where Shaq will be going.

Any updates on Jeremy Lin? Is there a chance he'll be in the NBA next year? Dude would have a quite a following with Asian-Americans.

randman, what has Kobe said about the Miami trio?


T, took the survey last night. That was well put together. Y'all hear Jordan diss James' move to South Beach? he said in not so many words that James is a pussy for doing it. Awesome.


Interesting article on the potential effects on the league and it's perception of greatness after the LeBron trade:


Basically they're saying that Jordan redefined the notion of greatness by himself, and that before MJ great individual players were looked over in favour of winning team oriented players [think Wilt Chamberlain vs. Bill Russel]. Jordan early on in his career was lumped into that category of great individual players who couldn't win it all, but changed that by winning all over the place.

If James opts to be more like Magic and less like MJ [the two guys he was always compared to, anyway], this will turn out to be a smashing success. It seemed like he always wanted to be more of a Magic type player, so this isn't hard to imagine at all. Wade would be the go to scorer, with James and Bosh being secondary options, but James would be the undisputed runner of the offense.

And if this team ended up being the dominant team of this decade, the NBA would revert to it's old standards of judging players.

I don't really agree with the article but it did bring up some good points/perspective. One thing is, MJ's the GOAT no contest, yet there's no clear cut #2. And MJ is considered THAT much better than whoever is #2 anyway. That will NOT change. The reason for that is because MJ did both, he was a dominant shoot-first individual player and he led his team to rings, too. No other player before him can really say that [Bird was a great passer]. You were either one or the other [in Wilts case, one and THEN the other].

The only guy after him who fits that description is Kobe, and only in the past two years. Before that he was another guy who won as one of the big players on a talented squad, but could win as undisputed leader. If anybody from this generation creeps up to be #2 it's Kobe, and that's saying something considering Tim Duncan has had almost as good a career.

If James wants to be Magic, he's volunteered for being less than GOAT, because Magic isn't even the consensus pick for 2nd best ever. So it's still disappointing that he chose this route. If he wanted to get past Boston he should have developed a better outside game. Boston's D is perfect for stopping people trying to score from closer to the net, but they have no answer for good outside shooting. And anyone who say the last two games of that series knew that this was a man who was not confident him his shooting. He couldn't score in the paint but he kept going there and resorted to some bad passes to get himself out of trouble.


Yeah he essentially said what everyone thought he would say. That he'd never team up with Bird and Magic because he badly wanted to beat those guys. But then he stopped himself and said that they had an opportunity to do something great--sounded like he said that part so his comments wouldn't look too harsh.


That's what I thought. He said what we're all thinking but followed it up with a "good for him though" to kinda soften the blow, haha. James has completely fucked up his image, and I don't think he really knows it yet.


Player transactions this summer, team by team:


did you guys see the interview with Dwayne Wade where he said something to the effect of "there might be a point next season where we lose a game or two or three in a row and you guys (the media) will act like the world trade center fell down again"

Wow talk about the ultimate foot in mouth. Its basketball and should NEVER EVEN BE MENTIONED in the same fucking sentence as that tragedy and the people who lost their lives on 9/11.


yeah I totally agree. Looked like jordan was being pretty politically correct with his statement. He didnt want to bad mouth those guys too much.

But I dont agree that James doesnt know his image has taken a hit. I'm sure he knows it.... he's got to!

But eleven months from now if James is hoisting up the NBA Championship trophy and a Finals MVP trophy he wont care one bit


Not sure I'd call the comment insensitive, but it was definitely boneheaded. That's worse than when athletes call themselves "soldiers". These people need to be more aware of their place in society. They're entetainers. Highly paid entertainers, but entertainers nonetheless. What they do should never be taken out of context, by us or them.


Unless he's legitimately retarded he has to. But, I doubt he understands the degree. Guess there's no way we'll know until the season gets rolling.