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Bumping so hopefully this thread catches on :slight_smile:


I also hate split screen interviews.


they're so lame... not that bad if you have a big TV though


greg if you send me 10 bucks I will reply here and not on raj's


that shoulda been a Flagrant Foul


which one of Raj's threads? lol


That foul sent flashbacks of Juwan Howard hurting Derek Anderson


Yeah I'm posting here because he made 2. If you can't start a new thread you don't get my business. Or something like that.


I know he's been having a 'bad' series and we've discussed it to hell and back, but I still expect Lebron to 'Chicago' the Mavs right about now like in that game 5 comeback: drop a random 3 bringing the ball up the court, hit a stepback 18 footer, hit another one of those step left dribble threes he likes.

Nothing he has done this game supports this expectation(has he hit any shot outside the paint?) but ... ya.


I will say this...

Before the season I was strongly on the "This is Dwayne Wades team" train.

During the season I thought it was very clear that LeBron was taking over and was clearly the better player.

Now that its the finals... NO QUESTION that this is Wades team. Wade seems to be getting better and better every game while LBJ has kinda faded away IMO


Who does Carlisle close with? He can't put Barea Terry and Kidd out there at once.


Mimics my thought pattern exactly. I don't think we'll ever have a read on LeBron's psyche...even after he retires.


OK, you're in a critical finals game. You have to play Barea-Terry because that's your best backcourt right now. Screw Kidd's feelings.


Wade is saving this team at every turn!


Not gonna happen.


Quietly Dirk is 43/44 from the line in the series, I was shocked to go run the numbers and see he missed one...


They need to


Wow... LBJ finally posts up Kidd and he instantly turns to face him and shoots a jumper. WTF?!?


So much for my LBJ prediction, think he's like 2/10 outside the paint now, 0fer in the 4th quarter.

Kidd hitting a big 3 to go up 5 with 1:26 left, see guys he's not dead weight.