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NBA Fact or Fiction

Is the NBA fixed?

I’ve heard the conspiracy theories, but I don’t believe them. The NBA is not fixed. But I do think that there are special rules that only apply to Shaq (no I’m not whining as a Kings fan). I love basketball and watch tons of games. I’ve never seen a player who is allowed to bang people around like he does, not to mention that he makes a line violation (foot drops past free throw line before the ball hits the rim) almost 1/2 the time.

I very much think its fixed…A smaller city will NEVER win, becaue there is not as much of a market for selling “NBA LICENSED APPEARAL” among other things.The NBA would be out money if a smaller city with a smaller fan base every won… Case in point, The Utah Jazz vs/ The Bulls in the NBA Championship a few years ago. I am a Bulls fan, but the Jazz got SCREWED, and that is when I quit watching Basketball as much…I think its very similar to the WWF, nice entertainment, but a lousy sport…

I would have to say that the NBA is fixed. Not in the way we usually think though. It’s not like the teams have anything to do with it. I think the blame belongs to the refs and the league commisioner. I remember a while ago an owner saying that he believes that the games are pre-determined by the league and it is up to the refs to make sure it happens. He got fined for it. I think it was the owner of the Dallas Mavericks who said that.

Anything that involves multi-millions of bucks is fixed. Especially if someone can bet on it anywhere. Fixed definitely.

No it’s not fixed. Think about it. Do you think they are going to take the time to work it all out like that. Why would they? Besides, I know I’m less likely to watch the finals because the Lakers are in it, and I know others who are the same way. And that’s all the league cares about, if this 18-40 guy is going to watch.

I do think the refs do, where by choice, by order, or by subconcious, make calls biased for one team depending on the situation. Are you going to tell me that if the series were at 3-0 New Jersey that the refs wouldn’t suddenly start calling things in favor of LA, especially if it were late in the game and LA was close to taking a lead. Mark Cuban has it right, they’re all biased.

I don’t think its fixed. But it is not real basketball either. Mass media created an illusion of a superleague filled with god like
stars that has no equal in the world. Wrong.

I agree with Jason. It’s not just Shaq though that gets the calls. It’s all the veteran superstars. There were probably 15 or so blown calls against Bibby where he was hammered. On the other end, Shaq can do a skip jump hop and throw a jump hook up over the defender while simultaneously using his off hand to put the defender on the floor and there is no call. Jordan owned the referees. Kobe does. You’ll also notice a home court bias in the playoffs with the referees. It’s pretty bad.

When foul shots can win or lose a game, you have to wonder. Then you have the net-works wanting a particular match up in the finals.

I would bet lots of money that the ratings for the NBA finals would be much higher if Sacramento was in the finals. Sac was on national TV as much and probably more than anybody (including the Lakers) in the last year. People like to watch Sac play and the NBA knows this. If the NBA was fixed, I would bet that Sac would be in the finals right now.

Guys, I don’t watch basketball except for some of the NCAA tournament, but I am wondering why you guys have gone conspiracy theory on us. I can understand not liking particular calls refs make but aren’t all of you taking it a little extreme. Powerlifter, please explain to me how the Jazz got screwed b/c that was the last season I watched the NBA on a regular basis. Thanks.

All I have to say is 27 fouls in 1 quarter. And that’s not a fixed game?!?!?!?!? Someone should pull David Sterns head outta his As*!

I don’t think it’s likely that it’s fixed from the standpoint that the players are paid off to blow a game…they’re paid enough as it is. However I’ve seen plenty of really dodgy ref calls…like when Bibby got slammed in the nose by Kobe’s elbow, and all of a sudden he gets called on a foul and Kobe’s making his free throws. Please. Something where people, both teams, coaches, owners, and most significantly, high-stakes gamblers can win or lose millions, why not drop $25,000 in a ref’s lap if he’ll just make two or three calls friendly to your team? Why take the chance of winning or losing millions when you can improve your odds with a minimal investment?

I believe pro wrestling is real, and everything else is fixed.

k, this is what i think. NBA is fixed, no doubt about it. i am not saying the players or the coaches, but the refs under the influence of the people that own and run the NBA are making deliberate bad calls and deciding who wins that way. it’s so very sad that teams that have been playing good and fighting to make the finals lose only because someone decided betting a lot of money against them would be a good thing to do

If the NBA is fixed, then who would want to see the Nets in the finals, losing in less than 7 games?

of course its fixed. how else could sacramento miss half its free throws and miss every shot from the floor in game 7? mysterious.