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NBA Dream Team

  1. Steve Nash
  2. Dwyane Wade
  3. Lebron James
  4. Dirk Nowitzki
  5. Tim Duncan

That would be a fun team to watch.

A World-Cup-Brazil of basketball, if you will.


The real dream team would take them to school... after bending them over.

1 Magic Johnson
2 Michael Jordan
3 Charles Barkley
4 Karl Malone
5 Patrick Ewing

Infact I'd bet the back-ups would win.

1 John Stockton
2 Clyde Drexler
3 Larry Bird
4 Christian Laettner/Pippen/Mullen
5 David Robinson


I'd do a mish mosh of the two and add Shaq:

  1. Magic Johnson
  2. Michael Jordan
  3. Dirk Nowitzki
  4. Tim Duncan
  5. Shaq


Current dream teams and overall dream teams are very different.

All i have to say is, can anyone imagine the dallas mavericks if they still had nash? Scary stuff.


Well, NBA perhaps, but if you're talking about the Dream Team that competes in the Olympics, Nowitzki would be playing for Germany, yes?

I say we replace him with Kevin Garnett and we're golden.


Than you have to replace Nash also, as he is Canadian!


Charles Barkley over Larry Bird? You lose any kind of credibility you may have with that pick. That's simply ridiculous.


Current NBA Dream Team

Steve Nash
Kobe Bryant
Ron Artest
Tim Duncan
Shaquille O'Neal


Larry Bird as a backup? Go back to school and come back when you know what you are talking about...

  1. Kobe Bryant (G)
  2. Dwayne Wade (G)
  3. Kevin Garnett (F)
  4. LeBron James (F)
  5. Tim Duncan (F-C)

How can you forget Kobe!!!!


If I'm doing an all-time team, Isiah Thomas is my point, Jordan is running the 2,Larry Bird is at the 3, a young Charles Barkley would be my power forward,and Hakeem Olajuwon would be my starting center. My backup point would be Magic, Clyde Drexler [who's seriously underrated]would be the backup 2, I'd have either Doc or Bernard King as the backup 3, the 4 would be either Karl Malone or Moses Malone, and my center would be Bill Russell. I'd have 2 or 3 more "zone busters" coming off of the bench who'd stick open shots. Like Reggie Miller or Chris Mullin


The first Dream Team minus Laettner.


Two points:

1) I chose current players that have the best skill, athleticism, and team mentality.

2) Kobe Bryant is not a team player. I would make sure he stays away from my team as far as possible.


A very good point.

All of the U.S. "Dream Teams" have been absolutely loaded with talent, that's not a problem.

However, random groupings of talent can sometimes manage to play like shit together, as shown by our past 2 "Dream Teams" Olympic performances.


What are u like 20 years old? I bet u never even saw Larry Bird play if you're putting him on the second team. Dude was sick, probably the second best player (besides Jordan) of our era. Watch more ESPN classic before posting something that stupid.


OK lots of problems with this:

1) Magic as backup point? c'mon that's crazy and u know it

2) I can name 3 centers better than Olajuwon - Chamberlin, Russell, and another guy u may have heard of named Kareem.

4) Charles Barkley at the 4? ever heard of Elgin Baylor?


That's why Kobe led the all-star game in Assists and that's why he averaged close to 5 assist a game this past season, because he is not a team player.

Kobe absolutely is a team player, he just has a bunch of half-ass role players around him.

Anyways, anybody that averages 35.4 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 4.5 apg and 1.8 spg can be on my dream team anyday.


...after he runs the center that provided him with multiple championships out of town.

Hell yeah...that shouts "team player".



I say that from now on we stop using the name Dream Team for US teams. Honestly, there was only one Dream Team. The first one. The second Dream Team was filled with a bunch of players that probably won't make the HOF. I would say that the first Dream Team only had one player on it that won't be in the HOF and that's Laettner.

So, let's please put to rest the Dream Team name and only use it when we talk about the one and only Dream Team. And that's the first one.


1]As much as I like Magic, I think his value is slightly inflated 'cause of the talent he had around him. He had Kareem,Worthy,Cooper,Scott and a host of other roll players to get the job done. Isiah didn't have anyother perennial all-stars. Don't even bring up Odman,Lambier or Vinny Johnson. He also had had Aguirre for a couple of seasons.

2] In terms of all around ability, there has never been a better center than Hakeem. That shouldn't even be disputed. For a 3 year period[93-95] I believe he was the single most dominant big man in NBA history. Maybe [besides Jordan] the best footwork of all time. That's saying something for a 6'10 [he was not 7'0"]center.

3] I have heard of Elgin Baylor. Great stats, but the facts are players of yesteryear CANNOT compete with the players of this era. The game has evolved too much. To use Olajuwon as an example, he would go out to the top of the key and rip the opposing point, take the ball the length of the floor and punch it. Or, break off a crossover that would make Timmy Hardaway proud, blow by his man/pull-up from 15-18/find the cutter. Or, chase down a breaking Kevin Johnson/Rod Strickland [who have a halfcourt lead]to throw the ball into the 3rd row. Elgin Baylor was not as physically imposing as Barkley. Barkley was 6'5" playing against cats who stood 6'10"+ and he was jumping over/through all of them. Leading the break, stickin' 3's and inhaling everything that came off the rim. No other power forward could do that.