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NBA Draft 2018 is Coming Up


So NBA Draft 2018 is coming up. What do you guys think will be the top picks?

So far I am really liking Luka Doncic, Marvin Bagley and Deandre Ayton. I think they will be in top 3. I am not really sure about the order. But if I have to guess, Ayton will be first because he is just a generational physical specimen, 7’1 260 lbs, broad-shouldered, crazy combination of strength and explosiveness.

But Luka can be the 1st pick as well, no one has ever done what he has done winning euroleague MVP at 19 years old as well as started playing for Real Madrid at an age of 14. True basketball savant.

So can be Marvin Bagley. I have never seen in a while, a big man that has the instinct that he has. His instinct/feel for the game is just so pure. Combined with his measurable and athleticism. He is the reincarnation of Toronto Raptors’s Chris Bosh.