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NBA Crap


So if Payton & Malone sign with LA, Shaq gets his weight down (with the help of a 24-Hours Fitness trainer, no less), and Kobe stays out of jail, will there be any suspense as to who's going to win the title next year?

Kidd's gonna have to wait a couple of years to work on his "legacy".


As a King's fan, having GP and the Mailman go to the Lakers is pretty bad news. The only thing one can hope for is that someone gets an injury along the way or Geoff Petrie is able to swing a nice trade and get us a true big man, if there are any big men out there.

If I was Kidd, I would stay in NJ for the max, since I don't see the Spurs beating the Lakers this year.


Kidd can only lose by leaving NJ. There's no better legacy than being the one piece that turned a franchise around.

I feel sorry for Kings fans. They got robbed last year (partly their own fault, but they were the better team) and then were cosmically unfortunate this year with the loss of Webber. Next year they'll get penetrated by a team starting 4 hall of famers.


As a laker fan I've been holding my breath saying, "oh pleae oh please" for a couple of days now. Still, just because we might have 4 all stars doesn't mean we'll play as a team. LA typically has the Kobe vs Shaq fued, add in Payton and Malone and it may be a tragic crash and burn a la Portland several years ago.

Marinersfan, I'll assume you were kidding about the injury, cause that's some fucked up shit to wish on someone. I felt bad when Webber went down, I would have liked to watch you guys a full strength.

As far as Kidd goes, his best chance is in New Jersey. It's a dogfight out west, at least in the East he can get into the finals. As any Kings fan will tell you, just getting to the finals is hard. Kidd should count his blessings of having an easy road in the East. He was close to beating San Antonio, closer anyway than he was against the Lakers.


What the hell is the 5th guy on the Lakers team going to do next year? They may as well give him a sign that says, "Hey guys, I'm open!!!"

It'll definitely be a test of Phil's ability to get talent to work together. There are all-star teams the four of those could take on. It's gonna be sick.


Damn, a "marinersfan" in Cali? Being a WA State resident, all I can say is times sure have changed! Of course, the Mariners aren't the piece of shit they were for most of their existence anymore, either...

Now, back to the regularly scheduled topic...

GP, even with all his years in the league, should still be the breath of fresh air and the extra little push the Lakers need to do it again. As long as his big ego doesn't add fuel to the fire with the other two big egos on the team.

As far as Karl, I think that may be one too many former superstar looking for more playing time than he's liable to get. Maybe not, though. It's definitely worth a shot.


Why do we still care about the NBA?

I think I'll stick with my college hoops and stay away from the gangsta hype. Kobe accused of assault? WTF? You hear this shit every day! That's part of the NBA now, right?
If they didn't play B-ball, they would be BIG LOSERS! Well, they are.
What the hell ever happened to the Larry Birds, James Worthy, Magic Johnson.

It's sad but there are a large faction of fans that no longer pay attention to the NBA anymore.

Sorry to hijack from the topic......


I never watch the NBA anymore, and I used to be a big fan. There's too much thuggery going on, someone is always getting busted for drugs or fathering 12 kids via 7 moms ala Shawn Kemp. It's ridiculous.


hijacking continued...

Actually, BodyIQ, you do have a valid point. I mean, check out the Portland "Trailgangstas" or "Bailblazers" or whatever you want to call them. Damon "Stoudabong" (yeah, I stole that from Jim Rome) busted again for an ounce and a half of weed he tried to get through an airport metal detector wrapped in ALUMINUM FOIL?! (Must have been some good dope for him to be that stupid!)


I think Anderson has a good point. You can't just sigh people and put them togehter like a fantasy team. It doesn't seem to work out that well when people with great numbers come together (mid 90's Orioles, Redskins defense when they got Stubblefield, Deion Bruce Smitha nd someone else, the Mets when they got Bonilla and some other "stars" as free agents). Just because you have a good team on paper, doesn't mean they'll be good togehter.

That being said, if the Lakers sign the mailman, I think they'll win 69 and if they don't, I see somewhere around 63. And probably the championship either way.


The NBA blows.

Moving on...

Fight night Saturday. Excitement, excitement.


This is why I don't watch the NBA. Pure shit.


Malone wants that ring pretty bad, hell he'd be taking a 18mil pay cut. Thing is Payton's the same.

I don't think the selfish star syndrome would be a big deal for Payton and Malone, neither are selfish bigheads. Hell, Malone stayed in Utah for 18years you don't get more patient than that.

That being said, I feel sorry for my beloved Jazz, with Malone pretty much definitely going and with Stockton retired they are well and truly fucked...oh well, at least they'll get a decent lottery pick next time.