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NBA 2011-2012 Season Thread 2


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lets continue this shit.




Where we left off: Is Lin legit? What will he amount to in his career?


Perennial all-star, top 5 PG in the league.


God I hope your right


Hopefully D'Antoni doesn't work the kid to death first. 45 minutes today, ridiculous.


Don't know if you guys saw this during the game.

I was saying in my last post in the other thread that this isn't just a "hot streak", it's an unprecedented level of production for a virtual rookie.


So is that why Jordan has been so awful as a GM? Too busy creating an alternate identity to get back into the NBA?


Damn this picture is just wrong...







Lin is also benefitting from a condensed season with no practices. You really think a good NBA coach couldn't figure out a scheme to stop him? Check out his shot chart this season, I counted a whopping 11 shots ALL SEASON from left of the paint.


Yes I have watched him, yes I agree that you have to watch the Knicks to get what he does for the Knicks (which can be summed up as: their other PGs are so horrible that they can't afford to play him less than 36mins/game).

But he's not only breaking scoring records. He is breaking turnover records left and right. I'm not saying he's awful or brilliant. I'm saying a) it's too early to judge anything seriously (because even if teams adjusted to the shot chart I showed, he might adjust his game back the other way) and b) if you HAVE to make a judgment, there is no need to be extreme about it. I could see him being a lower tier starting PG or an excelling 2nd-unit guard who specializes in igniting the offense off the bench (rich man's JJ Barea)


Also props to Matty for being one of the few rational Knicks fans. I agree with most of what he's said.


Except he won't be scoring 28 points + when Melo comes back so this so called scheme would have to factor in stopping A'mare, 'Melo, JR Smith and the Knicks' perimeter shooters.


This is what I said, minus the JJ Barea comparison, but I think it fits.


I saw this too and would put this comment in line with randman's "The 2010-2011 Laker team is the best Laker team in the past 15 years" which he said in the first month of the season.

But the difference is randman is an obnoxious asshole so I left it alone.


It's not that big of a stretch. Lin has been playing like one of the best PGs in the game lately. Maybe he won't be able to sustain it but you're disrespecting his accomplishments thus far if you say he will never be an all-star or get even better.


He basically just said he will have a hall of fame career based on 9 games. If that isn't a big stretch I don't know what is.


I think overstand was being half-serious with that comment. Lin's career has been so unpredictable to this point chances are it's probably going to remain that way for the foreseeable future. But he has a very realistic chance of being an All-Star next year if nothing else but the fact that the fans vote.


So then it is a stretch?

Him being voted into the All Star game doesn't speak to his abilities. It just shows that he's chinese/taiwanese


It's a stretch to say he'll be a top 5 PG in the near future but not a stretch to say he'll be an All-Star.

He has All-Star abilities... Have you been watching the past 2 weeks lol?