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NB3 vs. Case Study Routine

Mr. Waterbury a quick question if you have the time. I have follwed the NB3 program for three weeks while striving for a moderate amount of fat loss. So far so good, the exercises are not only metabolically demanding but have always increased my strength levels fairly significantly.

However, I noticed in the case study post you recommended a fat loss program based on declining rest periods. Would such a routine be better suited for fat loss or maybe even as a good follow up routine.

Thanks in advance

Overall, no, I wouldn’t recommend the case study routine over NB3. But I wouldn’t prescribe the NB3 program to a middle-aged woman who is 40 lbs overweight - therefore, I didn’t prescribe it. In addition, I recommended a decrease in rest periods with a subsequent increase in aerobic work since she, assumingly, has poor cardiovascular conditioning.

For fat loss, the only thing that really works is a properly designed eating plan. But the NB3 program is good for those trying to lose fat, so stick with it.

Thanks for the advice Chad, I hope you dont mind if I pick your brain for one last question. I have been eyeing your osc program, but with a somewhat busy schedule (school,even a winter session, and work) I believe the program would be to time consuming and possible to taxing considering my overall conditioning is still not great(somewhat of a long layoff after car accident and concussion)

I like the programs purpose of improving overall total body conditioning, which I feel I am in need of, however could I modify it to maybe three days or decrease the volume while keeping the parameters the same.

Thanks in advance.


Don’t modify the OSC workout. Instead, add a day of rest to the program each week.