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"Nazi Punching": Good or Bad?

Well, when you put it like that I have to agree… This might as well be the same video:

There are no more nazis.

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I don’t think he means actual German soldiers or Nazi Party members from the WWII era.

There are fuckers out there that worship Hitler and call themselves Nazis.
They deserve violence.

What about people who worship Muhammad. Are they equally deserving of violence?


Fair call

No. Just Nazis

Why would you even say that?

Just asking Nards.

You made mention of worshiping people who did horrible stuff and I just thought about other people who worship people who also did horrible stuff.


Because M killed people.

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But all Nazis by definition are horrible.

Muslims are not all radical terrrorists though.

Worshipping Hitler and calling yourself a Nazi doesn’t make you a radical terrorist either.

Edit: Also morality is subjective but if someone lived their life in the manner expected as dictated by the Quran and Hadith they probably would be viewed as horrible. By Definition. By most people.

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The Nazis themselves viewed what they did as immoral.

I think she’d probably have a good shot against the dude in OP’s video.


Even more reason why Islam is more dangerous than National Socialism .

Same for the Christian Bible. I think anyone living their life in the manner expected by those who lived centuries ago would be viewed as pretty horrible.

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mattjp my friend. I made no mention of the Christian bible. Had nothing to do with my previous comments.

But since you brought it up. While Islam is essentially a plagiarized version of Judaism and Christianity it is vastly different on so many levels. Honestly incomparable in my opinion. But I was never attempting to compare the two in the first place. If your interested I suggest listening to some discussions by Sam Harris as he makes some very excellent points on the topic.

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I am aware. I could have just as easily swapped my example for any holy book but I chose to use the one that most people would be at least somewhat familiar with.

So your point was what exactly?

Not much an advocate for punching, but I have always supporting the notion that, in general, society would be better if all individuals were allowed, once a day, to give one person of their choosing a vicious, open handed slap.

Nothing that could cause traumatic injury or death, no broken bones, but just a firm and painful sensation. You only get 1 a day, so you have to choose wisely, but if you walked around not knowing who had used up their open handed slap for the day, you may find yourself a bit more well mannered.

I’m thinking we would implement some sort of punch card system, like a sandwich shop, to keep people honest.


Worked for John Wayne: