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"Nazi Punching": Good or Bad?

Here’s a video of a male feminist ally doing his part to dismantle patriarchal power structures.

I wouldn’t consider this threadworthy if I didn’t personally know a number people who’ve espoused exactly this type of violence against people who don’t agree with them. Strangely enough, these people are all self-identified “progressives”. Something’s giving people the idea that acting like this is somehow okay if the person on the receiving end is a conservative…

I try to be as fair and objective as I can be, and I’ll happily join anyone who wants to point out this sort of behavior from conservatives. I’m just not seeing it in my life or in the news, at least not like you can find examples of Antifa-types being violent little dickwads out in public.

Is this a bug in the #resistance, or a feature?

All thoughts are welcome.


What a disgusting piece of shit. Next time there’s a mass shooting, I’ll put this guy on my list of “People I Wish Had Been Taken Instead of the Victims” along with those calling for increased gun control measures.

Yeah, they would had have to call the cops to get me off of him! That was grounds for a sho nuff ass whooping!

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Not really a apt title I think. I understand your point that it’s “Nazi punching” in the mind of the lunatics who think this type of thing is okay though.

This kind of falls in line with the whole idea of “hate speech.” If speech equals violence, then violence equals violence. In their mind’s they aren’t only justified in this behavior but they are righteous.

One constant theme for a leftist is the ends always justify the means.


What a turd

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I gave this title a lot of thought, which probably shows you that I’m not nearly as intelligent as my childhood test scores indicated. I arrived at the title because the actions of this brave #resistance warrior seemed to perfectly capture the essence of “Nazi Punching”, or at least as I’ve come to understand it.

If you listen to outspoken progressives, as I have, you’ll come to understand that this woman’s views and voting patterns are a manifest threat to every woman in the country, including her own deluded self. Millions of lives are at risk if Roe v. Wade gets overturned, or so I’m told by very passionate people, and we all know that passion not only equals factual credibility, but surpasses it.

This woman is also a probable Trump supporter, likely in favor of ripping children away from their parents under most circumstances. There’s a lot of other bad stuff people like her have cooked up for women, trans-women, Muslims, and all of the other marginalized minorities living in America. If you like I can point you to some articles on the internet that back up my point.

With all that in mind, is this brave man not engaging in defense of self and others, specifically the defense of marginalized people? Is this not what “Nazi Punching” is all about?

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He needs his ass beat for his outfit alone.


My girlfriend and I are both pro-life. She attends rallies, I don’t.

If this POS did that to my girlfriend, forget the cops, he’s gonna need an ambulance.

As to the general proposition, punching communists or nazis that are expressing their opinion in a peaceful way is a demonstrable bad.

Sunlight, not fists, is the best disinfectant, and I believe that as strongly now as I ever have. Hecklers don’t get a veto, shit ideas should be challenged with speech, unless the speaker is calling for, or engaging in, violence. It’s just that simple.

This guy has almost no manly virtues, so he can’t get laid. This gives rise to a simmering resentment towards women. But at the same time he thinks, “if I declare myself to be on the side of women, they’ll let me get close to them, and one day, I’ll get laid!”

So he becomes a male feminist. He still doesn’t get laid, unless one of his female friends, who “trust him”, get hammered drunk and pass out on his couch. But still, no one willing has sex with him, let alone loves him, and the simmering resentment grows.

Who to lash out at? 96% of all men between the ages of 8 and 80 can kick his ass. Behold! Here is the enemy, she has a camera, and she is crushing him in a verbal debate…


Hey man, I rock a purple hoody pretty regularly. Wanna forget about it?

I’ll let it slide this time, Devil.


I like that I didn’t notice my phone corrected fight to forget but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference haha.


He was trying to be snarky, smart, and cool, but not having any coordination or spatial awareness ended up a hypocritical eunuch.

I’ve always been a big fan of violence and consider it one of the most elegant forms of communication. When used well and judiciously it really does solve problems. This stuff happening now is like teen age angst though, just messy, stupid bullshit.


My wife would’ve ripped his face off with her bare hands, then shot him for good measure. I would just show up to give the guy last rights or bury him.


My GF is a 110lb soaking wet Canadian, she’d have as likely apologised for getting in the way of his foot. I, on the other hand, am Irish. Temperaments like a powder keg, a long memory, and a deep rooted belief that forgiveness only exists in the grave.


You might as well be my brother in law. married a redhead.

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Your home would be safe from a thousand invaders in that case. Redheads are like berserkers.

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100% accurate.


Egad, I am pretty sure that is at the corner of High Park and Bloor in Toronto. I agree with pro choice myself, at least in the first trimester. If it gets later and the fetus has to have more done to kill it, not really.

As to the thread subject, there can be some people who get charged up about a subject matter, and just don’t want to be reasonable. Examples include when I was in my later teens and there was this dodgy movie theatre that would play the Led Zeppelin movie “the song remains the same” twice on a Friday for $3.50, you could stay for both shows.

If someone inebriated out of their tree and in the zeitgeist of the moment says, “don’t you think led Zeppelin is the most amazing band ever?”, but you agree they are good, but just have something else in mind, you were at risk of a beating.

Another example was just few years later, I got into this stupid living arrangement through an old group home friend. He introduced me to some of his relatives and they asked me what kind I people I liked. I was actually poorly equipped to really describe it, but when they realized that I was averse to using the slang form of ‘is not’, you know what I mean, again I almost got my head kicked.