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Nazareth Barbell


Hey, before I make an ass out of myself and call them, I'd like to see if I can get any info on them here.

Does anyone know if they're a private gym, or if one needs to be invited to train there?

I'm in PA for the next 10 days and have been looking for a good gym to go to.

I have a membership to Powerhouse, but the closest one to here is over an hour away.

Nazareth is only 30 miles south of where I'm staying, and of course, it's a well known powerlifting gym that I'm sure would be have a 1000 times better atmosphere to train in.

Their site isn't working, but I found their info here:


I think this would be a great opportunity for me as well since I've never trained at an actual powerlifting gym, and plan on joining Albany Strength when I finaly move to Albany, NY.

If anyone knows their hours, that will help too so I might be able to go before work (although I'll find out when I call them).



Their site is working fine for me.


Call them and ask if it is cool for visitors or post over at their board. Mike Miller is a very nice person and he posts under the handle MULE something or other.


mike miller was very nice to me when I met him. he has actually posted here under the name "mule" so you could just PM him if you wanted


The site's still not working for me, but I'll give them a call and hope I can get in this week.



I say go for it, what's the worst that can happen, they say no?

On a similar note... Anybody know what the possibility of going to train in Ohio with the Westside crew for 3months would be?

It seems a little too simple to just have to give Louie a call. (and yes, I am from Ireland but I'd be prepared to move over there for 3 months if it would help make me better)


No, it really is that simple. When I went out to ohio for an efs seminar, I LITERALLY went to westside-barbell.com, called the number that they list for merchandise exchanges (or something like that) and when woman (later found out it was Louie's wife) answered, blurted out that I was going to be in ohio and was wondering if it would be ok if i came by Westside on such and such a date. She said she would talk to lou, called me back within, I dunno, an hour? And said what time would you like to come by? That's all there was to it.

Now granted, I wasnt going for 3 months, but I'd say just call.


Are you kidding me? I grew up in Nazareth. I had no idea this place existed. Now I have another good reason to go back there for a visit.


I am in fact benching with him tomorrow (Thursday), so if you want to PM me with your name I will give you the intro....It is a Private Gym, but there is no problem getting in for a workout. Mike is normally at the gym between 12:00 (or so) and 7:00.

Where are you staying and I will give you directions. If you want, as I mentioned, I will be there at 1:00PM to bench, you can just come up....PM me.


PM sent.




Met, and exceded my expectations. The music was loud, and there was tons of equipment.

There were a few people there when I came in, and 2 left shortly after I got there, then there were 2 others there when I left.

I didn't get to meet Mike, but would have liked to thank him in person, as well as JRR641 for hooking me up.

JRR, I should be seeing you there this weekend.

Thanks again!