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Navy Seals On T-Nation?


Hi my name is David and I am Twenty Years Old and I am for the most part undisciplined I am thinking about taking up a part-time military career to recieve the benefits of training. I thnk I could use the discipline and I think I would make a fine Seal. I wanted to know what the Canadian equivalent of a Navy Seal.

Thank you Sirs/Misses



Joint Task Force 2 (JTF-2), or CanSOF. How do you live in Canada and not know this :wink:


I am not sure but I don't think there are any part time sof guys


Joint Task Force 2. But err, you're saying your undisciplined as it is, but your looking for the qualities of a good special forces operator? You'll need extreme dedication and mental toughness to even get a foot in the door of a special operations unit.

Not saying it's impossible, if you set your mind on it, hell yeah you can achieve it. But I'm just not sure what you're asking.... routines or something? That won't help.

I suggest you just focus on becoming more disciplined and organized in your life for starters, and take a combat sport like boxing, and go for competitions. That way you'll learn how to push yourself even when your body is telling you "STOP GET OUT GIVE UP".

Alternatively, you could join the Canadian Army, go for infantry. Something like 95% of people who apply for SF and get through come from infantry. This is probably because SF are looking for qualities that most infantrymen have from their hard training etc.

  1. Get off the internet and join the military.
  2. You have no idea what a "fine SEAL" would be.
  3. Military training is not for discipline, rather discipline is for pursuing, pressuring, and punishing enemies.
  4. Imagine telling an soccer player: I want to play soccer because I want to have good cardio conditioning.

I notice you have been on this site since 04...what have you learned? I have been reading T nation since 2003. One thing that resonates with every article and every post is this: Pursue your goals, stop making excuses.

If you want to get in shape, pursue it.

If you want to fight and hunt enemies: join your military.

If you think you need a little discipline: stop being a fag.


I believe it's a sea lion, but I could be wrong.

Along similar lines, I always wanted to be a dinosaur. Preferably a raptor.


is this an actual serious post?


SAS = Seals and sea lions! You can't get better than that.


Sanik what qualities to you posess that you feel would make you a "fine SEAL?"


I'm just guessing here but I'll bet that a genuine S.E.A.L. candidate wouldn't be here asking what to do to become one.

(And NO! I do not think I have what it takes either!)


He's an excellent swimmer and he loves his fish.

I'll stop.


Sanik: Please don't disrespect the US Navy SEALs, or any other SF unit by suggesting you can make a good "part time" member. Go to BUD/S or whatever other school and see whats up, because talk is cheap.




THIS is excellent


I would not want to be a seal, I just don't like crawling around on the ground and would hate to be cold, wet, and unshowered...I don't think I could kill people either, unless they F'd with my family.

Canada has Special Forces?

  • Adam


I hope you get hit by a mortar.

In your living room.


To be JTF2 you need to have served at least 2 years as a regular or 3 years as reserve. Then you can apply voluntarily.

Depending on what you want to do, you can either go in as officer (leads the team), assaulter (the door kicker basically), specialist (sniper, explosives, etc) or coxswain (Transporter, in simple terms).

Just so you know to be an officer you need a university degree.

Phase 1 is application.
Phase 2 is pass a simple physical test:

2.4 km run: 9 minutes 45 seconds or less
Push ups (no rest stops): minimum 40
Sit-ups (1 minute): minimum 40
Over hand, straight arm pull-ups: minimum 5
Bench press from chest to full arm extension: 1 press minimum 65 kg
CF Swim Test

For the specialist you need to complete 2.4 km in 11minutes or less and you arent required to do the swim test.

There is a total of 150 points and you need at least 75 to pass. If you get the bare minimum in everything, you fail.

Phase 3 is the hardest part: one week of hell. You attend a training camp. Since it's "only" one week you can expect to get 0-5 hours of sleep in total. You will be tested on your physical attributes (endurance, power, strength) as well as how you perform in water, confined spaces and heights. You will also be tested on your emotional capabilities (aka if you crack under pressure), teamwork, weapons handling and assorted tasks and functions.

You better have nerves of steel and brass balls cause you will be doing alot of 'pushing boundaries'.

It is not for the faint of heart (like all special forces in any country).

Most people want to be the ninja sniper stealth super seal marine commando rambo guy and become famous ( "Yeah, im in the special forces. I'm kind of a big deal"). You are not permitted at all to tell anyone that you are a member of JTF2 or anything concerning JTF2. Everything is strictly confidential and you will be taking everything to the grave. Consequences include serious jail time.

And you cannot be reserve in JTF2. You can be regular in the CF and apply for JTF2. However IF ever they take you in because you have the right qualities, then it's full time\ regular.
Also, if you are interested in having a girlfriend or starting a family when you get accepted, forget it.
You will not have time for that.

Any branch and trade can apply to become JTF2. Even cooks. However chances are that infantry and other combat arms will have a higher chance of performing well since the training is specialized around....combat.

If i were you, i would go in infantry as reserve while training my ass off for the next 3 years and become one tough son of a bitch and then apply.

As for your chances of actually becoming a JTF2 member, the failure rate is around 90 percent.


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