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Nautilus vs Free Weights


I am new to this forum, 61 years old, been training past almost 7 years plus some in my 30's. Recently I've discovered the new line of Nautilus One to be far superior to Nitro. If anyone would like to have a civil discussion on equipment, stimulus protocols, or recovery let's have at it.


The Nautilus One machines with the rotating dial to select the weight? They are cool because they are so adjustable. They all have multiple handles, or rotating handles, adjustable seat angles, etc.

The dial to select a weight is super easy and fast to use.

They are fun to do like drop sets, or that kind of thing on. Like doing the chest press with the wide, pronated grip till failure, then switch to the narrow, neutral to crank out a few more reps, then dialing down the weight and doing a couple more.

The leg extension and seated leg curl machines are really smooth and awesome. Maybe the best I’ve used.

The pad on the horizontal row machine is way, way too small. Every rep is like getting punched in the sternum.

But you’re totally supported by the machine the whole time. Maybe some farmer’s walks and pushups between sets to counter act?