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Nautilus Super Pullover Machine For Sale

Excellent working condition and cleans up real nice…I got this in circa 1985 and has a 250 lb. weight stack…$600.00 firm…this machine is located in Buckhannon, West Virginia 26201 …I go to bed at about 7pm so any inquiries after that time will be responded to next day…unfortunately I haven’t been able to upload pictures of this machine on this post after several failed attempts but I have 2 pictures readily available I can send via my gmail or phone at request…thanks for reading

Try Selecting one pic at a time to upload.

I did…I tried it on both my phone and desk top

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Need one in Florida! Damn!

Yeah unfortunately shipping cost would be prohibitively expensive

The two machines i want and can’t find near me!

I think with time and patience those machines will become available for you close by…Florida is kind of Nautilus country :blush: