Nautilus Nitro Chest Press

If you have the means, I highly endorse the Nautilus Nitro Chest Press machine! Having worked for Nautilus (Australia), this is by far the best chest machine I have ever used.

Like all super-effective machines, a little of this goes a long way. I find DOMS kicks in within 6 hours, and tends to linger for 4 days.

Incredibly I “won” it for $220. One of the best additions to my well equipped gym.


I concur.

My friend and occasional training partner has it at his gym and we always use it when I go to train with him.

Did a video with it recently.


The interesting thing with the Nautilus Nitro chest press - is the ability to go really heavy, though yet have a proper feel throughout the movement. The weight stack on this one isn’t big, but will probably last a lifetime as it never fails to humble me! This machine is absolutely up there with the best, and I like to use it often (one of my chain of gyms has it).

Congrats! You got this for a bargain @dynazty!

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Thanks! Yeah, it didn’t seem that big a weight stack when I first bought it, but because of how efficient it is, the impact on my chest is profound.

Last year I looked into a Hammer Strength Chest Press, but couldn’t rational $10k! This has proven a better stimulus at a fraction of the money.

If anything is going to help me achieve a 55" chest, I have an inch to go, this will be it.


I imagine this gentleman will get his 55" chest!

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Indeed! Especially when adding pull-ups for added thickness/width! :smile:

I hate to be “that guy” but i think you’d get there faster by prioritizing lats more than chest.
I read through comments and saw @pettersson saying the same.

Still, more chest is not a bad call here, and converging press machines are top notch; ill try this one out if i happen upon one.


Damn son!

My shit was barely 48"!

Actually lats are my best bodypart! I had a teen obsession, and focused on my lats from 16yo. They are about as wide as they will ever get, which causes hip issues when sleeping, being away from the mattress. With the good always comes the bad.

Friedrich…thanks! That’s one of my main goals for 2024.

Flatsfarmer … It took me some time to crack the 50" chest barrier, then some more to inch my way up to 54". It’s incremental. Like my 18" calves I achieved last year. Starting with 10" sticks, it took a long time to add 8"!

Good luck on hitting 50"!