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Nautilus NG Rotary Torso

Dr Darden,

In your opinion and experience would the Nautilus Rotary Torso ( Next Generation version) potentially increase your waist size ? Would this movement increase the size of the obliques , giving a thicker look? Would genetics and body type play a role in this ?
I would also like your overall opinion of the efficacy of this movement with respect to strengthening the core and waist.

Thank you

Yes, it could increase the size of the oblique muscles. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person’s oblique muscles that were too big. I’ve seen fat above, below, and within the obliques that made the muscles appear too big.

Don’t be afraid of the Rotary Torso machine. Properly performed, it’s a terrific exercise.

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Thank you Dr. Darden! I’m going to pick one up this week.