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Nautilus Machines


My gym is apparently replacing all of their machines with new ones. They have a shit load of Nautilus 2ST machines. Every one of them has a $200 price tag on it. The only one that has sold is the leg press (I imagine it was the most valuable one). Most are in pretty good shape. I don' t know much about them and don't really use them, but I do know the things are pretty damn expensive new.

Anyone know anything about this? Does $200 sound like a pretty good deal? Would they be potentially easy to re-sell? I'm thinking about buying a few and trying to flip them for a profit.



That guy is selling Nautilus Nitro machines for 500-1000 with regularity on ebay. I think that is a newer generation as compared to the 2ST (could be wrong there), but regardless of age I understand both pieces of similar in quality.


I'd love to get my hands on one of the old Nautilus Pullover machines. Probably the best lat hitter I ever used.


I've never used this machine, but it seems like its legendary in the bodybuilding world. I've heard about it atleast a dozen times in different places. Why don't other companies make one?


Good question! My only answer would be Arthur Jones' patent on the design and cams.


Tom Purvis knows his shit...


The gym I use when I'm not at college has 2 pullover machines. One is nautilus, but it's the newer generation I think. Doesn't really look like pictures of the old one's you see on the internet, but it gives a decent lat pump. There's also a HS pullover, which I don't like as much, but is still pretty good.


all in all is nautilus training goo for bodybuilding . does it works the muscle better than regular barbells


The barbells is the weights that strengths of lifts can be the most best of measured but machine the pumps that you get are preety good comparingson the two some of the times for sure.


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I'm not much of a machine guy but I've used some of the newer Nautilus machines and they were ok, although they looked overpriced. I remember particularly liking the X-Plode incline press. Hammer Strength is still better though.


If you the machines are pumping your muscles of the body your blood flow it gets good but strength of the barbell lifting is the tool to measure the measure of muscles on the body better.


Sadly commercialism is the name of the game. 24 Hour fitness has replaced their perfectly good Nautilus fitness machines with a new brand Hoist. Not exactly bad, but I prefer the Nautilus Machines. I currently have an additional gym membership to a private gym with the nautilus amchines, just to keep certain excersizes in my arsenal.

I came into bodybuilding when Yates became king, and since find a reliable training partner isn't easy, I use mostly machines for safety (you don't need a spotter to train to failure). Free weights aren't superior, it is only a matter of preference. As far as powerlifting and Westside barbell, they are diffrent animals, same family, diffrent animals! That is why you hear louie Simmons claiming they don't work, but Dave Tate, who has written an abundance of Westside training articles, has come to terms and explained the effectiveness of many machines in musclebuilding strength work!


The newer Nautilus pullover machines are so so. The HS pullover is very close to the old school Nautilus pullover IMO. Sadly my current gym has no pullover machine at all so I make do with cables and sometimes DBs.