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Nautilus Machines on Your Christmas List

So who’s got a Nautilus machine on their Christmas list this year? I forget how many years a Nautilus compound bicep and or tricep machine has appeared on my Christmas list! Thing is It’s going to have to be a pretty beefy Santa to haul one of those around in his sleigh much less get it down my chimney, ho, ho ! Merry Christmas!!

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I want a plasma cutter, a tube sander, and for all of my welds to look like the ones on Instagram.

Oh, and world peace or something.

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I want all of the nautilus machines for Christmas…do you need my address Santa, I have been good this year, :laughing:

If we’re wishing, why not wish for some X-Force Body equipment?

I would wish for that too…but they are very expensive

I will just wish for the muscles; ya’ll can have the equipment


A Hammer Strength DY Row has always been on my dream home gym checklist, and Hammer Strength is Nautilus-adjacent, so, yep.

Happy Merry to all.

It’s been known to happen.


I sure would have liked to have used one of those.

Not sure if Nautilus makes one, but I want a standing leg curl.
I want to get the one from WSBB, but I’ll have to convince her it’s some type of mowing equipment.

So Santa didn’t bring me a compound bicep but he did bring me the book …Nautilus: The Lost Empire of Arthur Jones !!’


I really liked it when I went to the gym. Great contraction and the semi-supinated/EZ-bar-type grip felt great.

But, to be fair, I’m a bit biased to the machine due to the fact that, shortly after I made it a staple on back day, my wife for the first time said “Your back is really starting to get that nice V shape to it.” That’s some motivation. :wink:

Woah… that’s Mila Kunis! She’s a kid here

How come I haven’t heard of this one?

I had to look it up, thought it must’ve been some kind of joke

It also has Bob from that 70s show on the cover (Don Stark)