Nautilus Machine Recommendations

Lately I have been looking to add a few machines to my home gym. I would love to hear some opinions on which Nautilus machines you would recommend. I have found several second hand machines on FB and auction sites. My home gym is fairly well equipped, I would just like some variety and options that machines might allow.

If you have good healthy shoulders maybe a pullover machine could be a nice addition

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The pull over machine is definitely at the top of my list of potentials. I am also thinking, lateral raise, peck deck, and a leg press machine.

Would anyone care to give an opinion on the Nautilus NS-4000 maybe @entsminger or @Ellington_Darden? I can pick up one of those for a very reasonable price.

None of the Nautilus machines manufactured over the last ten years have I tried. Sorry, I have no opinion on the NS-4000.

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Everything depends on what exercise equipment do you have at this moment and what you think is missing. I don’t use free weights anymore, but have around 20 machines in my home gym having owned (and sold at some point in time) about 30 more. Also, keep in mind your frame/size. I like the feel of pre-1st and 1st/2nd gen Nautilus machines, but they were built with large framed people in mind (something which I am not blessed with). So, I don’t fit them well even with extra pads etc. Some of NextGen and 2ST line machines are pretty good too. However, MedX is my preferred choice overall. People say some of the Nautilus Power Plus machines are good to, but I haven’t tried them yet. I stay away from any Nautilus machines produced after 2ST line.

The originals, the doubles for pre-exhaustion…if you can find any and have them refurbished

Nitro are a good line, i use these in the LA Fitness i belong to

There are 2 pre exhaustion fly/press machines and leg extension/leg press machine near me. The leg machine is HUGE and expensive.

Thank you for your reply!

In DMV area where I live I commonly see people selling Double Shoulder and Double Chest for $150-250 a piece on craigslist. Some of them are already disassembled for easy hauling.

400-500 for the two here.

If it’s the compound leg jump on that. Getting rare! That is if you can move it!

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They’re both excellent machines, though I prefer next gen dbl chest over the original. The original is difficult to properly fit in, unless you’re linebacker size. The next gen is smoother and takes up a bit less space

That’s a good price,if they’re in good condition

It is the compound leg. The guy is asking $2400

I was told by a number of people that the compound leg has tons of friction and is much worse comparing to Medx pieces (Avenger and a version with two weight stacks) and Nautilus Duo Squat. Just curious, why do you rate it so high? There is one listed on (, but it’s 5+ hours drive from me in NC.

I wouldnt pay that price. There is friction,all those gen 1 machines have, but friction can be easily reduced. I’d want that piece for more of a historical perspective. Friction is one reason I prefer the next gen line.

And really no comparison at all to the medx machines. I would pay that for medx

I am on the same page. I’d love to have an extra space to station all those pre/1st/2nd gen Nautilus machines, especially the double ones, just to keep the legacy alive. Next life (if there will be one) I hope to be given an opportunity to live in Canada and work as a janitor in Michael Petrella’s TG Strength and Power gym just to be around (and use) all those machines.


Are you considering bidding on this machine or others in the auction?