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Nautilus Duo Pullover Torso Machine

How effective is this machine?

Thank you

Are you looking at buying one? I’ve always wanted to try one.

Like this one??


God bless you,

Dan Hunter

That was one of the first Pullover/Torso-Arm Machines. It contained two exercises in one machine. Duo was not in the name of this machine.

Do yes you want to buy one or yes the picture I posted is like it or both?

Nautilus pullover machine…best machine ever (opinion)…but the caveat is you have to have good healthy shoulders to do this machine

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Dan, do you have an opportunity to buy one?

Yes I am getting one but its a later model
puuldown is infront of machine on slanted bar.

exactly this but tan upholstery

Nautilus Gen II Super Pullover/Torso Arm - YouTube

Like this but solid cams?


Good to hear someone still wants Nautilus machines!

I want them, can’t find them and no place to put them, :laughing:

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Out of curiosity, what’s a piece of the vintage equipment cost fully refurbished? I know it will vary from piece to piece

I don’t know about refurbished but that machine is a hard one to find so I’d guess several thousand before refurbishing .

I had posted a link to Bill Casto site to help out but admins removed it as spam… let me know if you don’t already have it or just search him on fb

I have him on friends list of FB, thanks

My previous gym had a copy of the Nautilus Pullover machine. It was reasonably close in functionality. Far better than no pullover machine at all. Aren’t there some copies currently being made?

Nautilus pullovers can be had for under $500 if you spent time looking and can drive distances . Over the last several years I’ve seen several on craigs lists etc.