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Nautilus Deadlift and Shrug Machine

I saw this piece of plate loaded equipment at one of my gyms this evening. Appearantly for deadlifts and shrugs. A newer Nautilus model.

@strengthmaster: Can you share any history behind the creation of this machine?

Is it any good? Can you stand close enough for it to be a decent movement? Does the leverage allow doing a 30-10-30 deadlift in it? Anyone tried it?

pettersson, This was designed to be like a T-Bar Row. I haven’t used it . I don’t know if it could be used as a deadlift or shrug? But it’s a standing Lat Row machine. Hammer Strength also came out with a standing Lat Row machine.
Never was a fan of the T-bar row.

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Naut DL SS
This is the Deadlift / Shrug machine.

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I like how you stand on the platform on the row machine. That would be cool for the deadlift machine. I always have to load plates on the rails of the deadlift machine so it does tip over backwards.

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Thanks strengthmaster,

My mistake. Actually, I initially thought it was a variation on the T-bar row, before seeing other people doing shrugs and deadlifts with it. Having heard about such a machine I was wrong here. People…

Bad Design, leverage-wise — almost a 1:2 ratio. In other words, you’d have to put nearly 400 lbs of plates on there to do a 200-lb shrug!!

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