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Nautilus Biceps Curl Machine for Home Gym?

Hi Dr Darden, I hope you are well. I have a chance to purchase an original nautilus bicep curl machine for my home gym, and was just wondering would it be a good investment - as I have never used one before - or would I be better to stick with dumbbell, barbell and cable curl variants?

Is that the one that’s chain-driven? If so, jump on it! We have one at our gym and it’s awesome! Plus one of the original side lateral machines that is chain-driven as well. They’re almost a collector’s item these days I think.

If the machine is in good condition and a good price, I would go for it. If it’s the Nautilus Multi-Biceps machine, you have a number of ways to train on it other than just two arms together. If it’s a first Generation machine that has the Infimetric/Akinetic bar, that gives you even more training options. That machine has a relatively small footprint. If you can try it out for a few reps before you buy, I would definitely do that. Everyone has different preferences for equipment.

The first Nautilus Biceps machine was a plate-loading machine with a Biceps side and a Triceps side. Is that the one you’re talking about?

Excuse my ignorance, I don’t think it’s an original. I have uploaded a picture of the machine for reference.20201119_154355

Holy cow, that thing is outrageous.

That’s the Multi-Biceps machine. Looks like no Infimetric/Akinetic bar on it though.
Still have a number of options when using it. Road test it for function.

Seems like a lot for home gym bicep work. I am not sure I understand the obsession with Nautilus. It seems a ez curl bar with some bands could do almost the same thing?

I’ve had at least 3 of the multi bicep machines. They are ok but I found they provide very little a good pair of dumbbells won’t . Since I’m a Nautilus nut I would have kept one if I had the space but I don’t . I prefer the plate loading curl and have that but it’s only slightly better than dumbbells. Very few Nauitlus are as they say game changers, I just think they are wonderful machines and keep mine because I’m a Jones and machinery junkie.


No one will argue the versatility you have with dumbbells. Everyone has personal preferences on different exercises and equipment. What one person likes, another does not. I think the Multi-Biceps is better than dumbbells, but that’s my opinion and preference. If you have room for certain machines, that gives you some variety in training in addition to barbells and dumbbells. And if it makes your training more fun then it’s a good thing. Training is a very personal endeavor. To me, using both free weights and high quality machines is the way to go. If, you have the space.

I’ve learned that having fun using my machines outweighs any possible gains I may have got on them so I keep and use many nautilus machines . Just jump on the machine with its weight preset and I’m ready to go! I’d have every nautilus machine ever made like Michael Petrella if I had a 200 ft barn , ha ha, but I just want it to be clear that using a nautilus machine won’t suddenly bring spectacular results , they are spectacular machines but you gotta love them or be nuts like me to have a bunch of them around as a few dumbbells and chin and dip bar will do just about everything you really need.

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