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Nautilus 1st or 2nd generation Pullover Machine?

To the collective members of the forum, can anybody help me identify if this Nautilus Pullover machine is a 1st or 2nd generation or another line entirely? I was lucky enough, to purchase it for my home gym.

Dude, that is an amazing machine and I would jump on it immediately if I could buy it.

The pullover machine is one of the 2 machines that do a superior job to any alternative free-weight or pulley variation: the leg curl and the pullover.

This is not a1st generation machine, it had chains while yours had rubber straps. And the cam is not the same as a 1st generation one.

I wouldn’t think it’s a 2nd generation either. It looks more recent. But I could be wrong.

You should post this in the new Ellington Darden coaching forum since he worked for Nautilus for years.


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The first generation I recall had a weight stack, and was chain-driven. And had a narrow-grip pulldown attachment. And debuted 40 years ago or so. This isn’t it.

Ellington Darden worked extensively with Author Jones, inventor of this machine. Might be a good person to ask.

Edited to say I cross-posted with Coach Thib.

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This chrome pullover was made by Gary Jones, Arthur’s oldest son, in Mexia, Texas, in the late 1980s. It was a part of a line of equipment called the Nautilus Leverage Plateloaders.

A couple of years later, Gary broke away from Nautilus and teamed with Kim Wood and Pete Brown and formed Hammer Strength.

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How would you rare its effectiveness compared to the 1st and 2nd generation pullovers?

The leverage pullover had certain limitations that you could not avoid. Therefore, the 1st and 2nd generation pullovers were slightly more efficient and effective.

That’s what I thought. To this day, the 1st generation pullover we had at our college gym remains the best machine I’ve ever used.

Thank you very much for the clarification. I am just grateful to finally own a Nautilus Pullover Machine! Having used both the above machine a few times now, and a Hammer Strength Pullover machine in the past, IMHO, the above Pullover machine wins hands down. I have even experimented by sitting sideways on the machine and doing a motion similar to the old Nautilus behind neck torso machine. Works the lower lats quite well.