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Nautical Crew Ranks/Ship Types



I'm preparing to teach one of my private classes (by their request) English names and titles of the crew on modern Non-military nautical vessels.

Also they requested types of ships.

THey are Immigration officers and this information would be very helpful for them.

I've done some searches thru google and have found nothing of use so far.

If there is anyone out there that can provide information or at least links to information, I'd be grateful.



The ranks of all officers and crew are listed in the link for typical commercial vessels. The term Master is the same as Captain in this example.

As to type of ships, you have two types they will deal with:

  1. Passenger (pleasure and cruise ships)
  2. Cargo (primarily container, liquid, dry
    bulk)some car and truck carriers.

They may also come across the occasional research vessel. Other working type categories such as a tug, etc will not make international stops.