Nauseous Over 100mg Caffeine, Alternatives?

It seems like If I go over 100mg or so I get a sick feeling. Its not the comedown, but rather how I actually feel on the caffeine. Am I just taking too much? It makes me feel sick and not motivated. Nauseas even.

Have a bang energy drink and I was going to try drinking half before my deadlift session. Does this happen to anyone else with caffeine?

Other stims to look into? Dmaa was always good to me, but I know its not very safe.

Some people actually have allergies to caffeine as well as nervous system intolerances.

Have you tried taking no stims before your workout? Like zero?

That’s pretty much how I operate everyday. No caffeine for work, no caffeine for the gym. Just don’t need it…

I use to take a Pre-workout before the gym, but stopped once I got on TRT.

I tried half of a “Bang” yesterday, 150mg of caffeine. Felt Ok, but I wasn’t digging the increased HR. I did feel that “sick, nausea” feeling, but since I was working out, it wasn’t noticeable really.

L-theanine combined with caffeine reduces the jitters effects. Some caff tabs add L-theonine. Matcha green tea has L-theanine and so does Z-12. It slows down the initial jolt but tends to make the caffeine work more mildly but longer, and also have less negative effect on relaxation and sleep.

Cocoa also has L-theanine and similarly can be used to smooth out the caffeine effect of coffee.

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It seems there is a gene for metabolizing caffeine. You can have two copies, one copy or none, and your ability to tolerate caffeine depends on the number of copies you have of this gene.
If you don’t tolerate it well, perhaps avoid it?

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drink salt water together with your caffeine

I like to keep my BP within normal limits. Thanks.

Ill add drink a big amount of water like a quart, with/after the caffeine/early on in workout

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There is nothing wrong with salt.

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Salt isn’t bad for most humans. Just like there’s nothing wrong with eating a whole egg for 99% of the population.

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Whoa bros. I love salt. Im just not about to drink salt water and caffeine before a workout as was recommended.

Even on TRT, I can still tolerate salt fairly well. But if I go out of town, and go to dinner (eat bad), and have a beer or 2, I feel the BP rise. Just because of the increase in salt and fluid.

V interesting.

To the OP, sounds like it’s not for you - 100mg/150mg isn’t much caffeine to have such a negative effect.

I’d ditch it. I am biased though - I had a fierce caffeine addiction & have only recently managed to quit the stuff after a lot of trying

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I really don’t see why not. When I compete in strongman or powerlifting competitions, i bring a zip lock bag full of salt and take handfuls throughout the day. Increasing sodium before/during strenuous workouts is a very good idea.

  1. do you actually measure your blood pressure, or are you just guessing?
  2. did you think perhaps the issue is more the beer than the salt? lol.

I promise I don’t mean to offend, but you should seriously consider educating yourself past what a popular but since-debunked 80’s study said about sodium intake.

Anyway. On the subject of caffeine, agree with what others have said about the combo of l theanine and caffeine. If I have a regular cup of coffee, I’ll likely feel jitters. If I have a brain candy, with far more caffeine than a cup of coffee, I feel fine.

  1. Yes, I have a cuff at home and at work. Also now I just now what it feels like when my BP is higher from checking it. I can feel it even if it goes up in 135 for systolic.

  2. I think its both. Salt was never a problem for me, but since being on TRT I have noticed I will feel a little water retention after a salty meal. I wouldn’t call it a problem, but possibly a contributing factor to higher BP.

Definitely not offended. In my case, salt DOES increase my BP. I regularly take my BP cuff and check myself after I have had more salt than usual, and my BP is higher.

Maybe at a certain point, after ingesting more than you should, it does increase BP? I honestly haven’t researched that because in the medical profession we still put money on that idea.

Increased volume through water retention caused by sodium intake. Increased volume should mean increased pressure also. Just speculating.

Brain Candy has done me dirty every time I have tried it. Gas, and feel like shit. Tried half, same feeling.

This is really interesting. Thank you for this video. I need to do more research. I think TRT has scared me off of it.

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The idea that salt causes hypertension has basically been refuted medically. We encourage our patients to use 1/4 teaspoon for every 20oz water 3/4x a day. Blood volume is increased via sodium. Also to keep it simple if you are deficient in sodium (as anyone who eats most typical fitness diets and sweats is) then you’re altering the way the body has to use potassium for cell communication and function. Cells require 3 sodium ions to transport one potassium ion into the cell. When there is low sodium the cells alter to allow potassium to enter without the transport sodium ions. This is an extremely dumbed down version of what happens but needless to say it makes your body function very less than ideal.

This is a good read from good ole t nation

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Cutting sodium is the dumbest Shit lifters do. Totally agree. Shit sometimes I bring salt water to the gym and I eat a massive amount of pickles lol. Now that my wife is pregnant again I’m sure the pickles will be served with peanut butter.

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I’m here to learn, so thanks to everyone for their input. I have been programmed to think one way for so long, and I had just never heard the argument otherwise.

I actually looked at my last labs and my sodium was 1 point lower than the reference range.
I make all my meals for the week so I’m going to start salting them and see what effect is has on the gym, and ill also monitor my BP.

just don’t take over 100 mg if you feel bad ?