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Nauseous Feeling from Green Tea?


Does anyone else ever get that nauseas feeling after drinking a cup of green tea? I've asked aaround and I'm not the only one...what's up with that?


Yes I've definitely experienced that before. I have no idea what causes it but found it can be avoided if I don't drink green tea on an empty stomache.


I know green tea gives a much slower release of caffeine throughout the day but It could be due to the release itself, I used to get the same feeling whenever I drank coffee, I'm pretty sure its just the immediate hit you get off it! If it really bothers you try white tea, its more pricey but its higher in antioxidants and has a little less caffeine too


You're probably drinking too much. It's the caffeine as Dave mentioned. Do you double bag or something?

My brand of white tea isn't much more expensive. What is everyone paying for their tea? Is organic better (more antioxidants ) than regular brands? Anyone have proof?


I don't know if the antioxidant content varies, but the taste sure does! Go to an Asian market and buy the loose leaves. That stuff in the bags is really tea "dust" anyway, and brews an inferior quality with a bitter taste. Go online:


I think tea is like wine, it's an acquired taste, so get the good stuff. If you really can't taste the difference, then keep brewing the dust bags. The nutrients probably aren't as inferior as the taste.


Not usually. But if I double bag it, it will make the nautious feeling worse. It probably is cuz my stomach is empty. I get the same effect with an empty stomach and a multi vitamin.