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Nausea While Lifting

[quote]HunterKiller wrote:
Jay-B wrote:
Currently, before I lift I put in a 20oz Powerade with a scoop of whey. After lifting I will do the same along with some creatine or use a weight gain powder/whey shake combo.

Try taking some BCAA’s (if you take them) and a SMALL amount of carbs (100-200 calories) example: 2 bananas, about 10-20 minutes before you work out. I use to have the same problem you described. It was from eating to much of the wrong thing before I worked out. That pre-lifting whey may be screwing you up.

IMO which may or may not be completely wrong, having a large amount of protein floating around in your system during a workout isn’t helpful or necessary. I understand that some helps prevent catabolism, hence why things like Surge help workouts a lot. The protein is mostly there to build muscle, and as its been said you don’t build your muscles while you lift.[/quote]

Hey, good idea. I’ll look into this one and get back to you

what type of cardio (if any) do you do?

I had this very same problem several months ago. I was training for strength primarily at the time and thought of cardio as the devil. I was fit, and slim for sure, saw no need for cardio and that it’d only slow my progress down. I don’t know if I lost my tolerance to lactic acid or what, but no matter what I’d eat/drink before or during my workout I’d end up with my head in the trashcan (or seriously considering it).

Anyway, I’ve since gotten back into consistent cardio and I can withstand that same intensity plus more.

I ran a marathon last May and have proceeded to run about 5 times since. I am in a bulking phase so I spend all my training time lifting.
Perhaps I should get back to doing some sprints, slosh pole, etc.

How much water do you drink a day?

I drink between 120 to 160 fluid ounces a day