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Nausea During Clean+Jerk and it's Variations

Does anyone else get nauseated during clean+jerks? It doesn’t happen with snatches or front squats, just that one. Also, does anyone know a way to alleviate this? It didn’t happen until i was able to c+j my body weight (175).

c+j= 190lbs 1rm

you will get over it and it will stop happening.

For now bring a menthol sniffer [inhaler] and get a whiff before lifts. That or take some herbal gravol [ginger pills] before lifting.


Heavy, sustained lifting causes nausea. I learned this doing German Volume Training. You’re probably experiencing during C&J’s because of the long time it takes to do each rep. How large are your sets?

typically, a set is never more than 5 reps more often 3. I’ll either do many sets with light weight, do 3-5 sets with heavier weight for doubles or triples, or just warm up to a near max.
I guess it happens because so many muscle groups are recruited for so long that body get’s flooded with gh hence causing nausea…? That’s what one person told me anyway.
Funny thing is that it doesn’t even have to be the full clean and jerk. Presently, I’m just doing hang cleans mid thigh to a push press to make my traps and shoulders stronger and it’s doing it (warm up to 3 rm).

Oh, and I’ll have to try the menthol sniffer thing, it might be funny to see the reactions of people watching me use that too lol.