Nausea and Squatting with Hot Weather

So I’m currently doing a program where the main exercises are done for 4 sets of 8 with 30 seconds of rest.

The goal is to gradually shorten the rest periods down to eventually 15 s.

My Friday workout looks like this:

Squat 4x8
Leg Extension 4x8
Hammer curl 4x8
Dumbbell curl 4x8

I’m on the second week of the program and I’m down to 25 seconds between sets of squats.

Just about an hour ago I completed the workout—I felt like I was in hell, and I got to the point where I was taking 3 full breaths in between reps in the last set.

Apart from all the “hate your life” sensations that you start to feel when doing hard sets of squats, I noticed that I was having a strong nausea that lasted all the rest of the workout and even 20 minutes after. It took me a good 10 minutes to catch my breath after finishing the workout also. Towards the last sets of curls it took me a good effort to focus on not vomiting: I felt like I could have been pretty close to it.

I think the fact that weather is getting pretty hot here is also a factor and makes things even more difficult. I’m starting to dread summer because I remember feeling WAY more miserable when training in the hot.

Mind you I’m not eating anything solid prior to training. I have lunch at 2PM and I train at 6.20PM. I consume highly branched cyclic dextrin and hydrolyzed casein in 1000 ml water—drinking half of it while heading to the gym, and the other half during training.

Has this happened to any of you in the past? How did you cope with the nausea?

Stay hydrated with water and control your breathing, but don’t fill up completely. Eat something light like chicken/salad a couple hours before, and save the shake for when you’re done.

I’ve worked in heat sometimes well over 100F for a long time, and one sure way to spew is to fill up and immediately exert yourself, let alone fill up while exerting yourself.

Also, if you do crazy workouts like I did 15 years ago, go for lemon lime or a light colored one cuz fruit punch that was provided at a game stained a jersey. Speaking of promos, what happened to Gatorade gum? I was at tourneys and was given it in butt loads to promote. Nasty stuff cuz flavor lasted for like 2 secs.

Oh wow I provided a link…was that bad. Not upset but did I violate a forum rule? If so sorries

No biggie. Links to training/nutrition sites or blogs are a no-go.

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Yeah, I was being lazy and a dumbass haha. I swear I was only blonde for a year! Sorry

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Basically, you were pushing yourself too hard. Vomiting occasionally has to happen in sports cuz you can’t go balls to the walls forever. Try toning it down a bit cuz you’re not competing. If do vomit, drink something that’ll replenish your electrolytes. And on a further note, some people do develop bulimia from overtraining and vomiting cuz puking can be addictive…it realeases happy endorphins. That’s part of why so tough to work with bulimics. I’m a bit of a germafobe so puking in a bathroom doesn’t appeal to me.

Where did you get this program? Are you supposed to be doing heavy, big compound lifts with essentially no rest between them? On an empty stomach? It’s no mystery why you feel ill - if you didn’t I would be shocked.

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Based off what he’s written, I think he’s doing the Vince Gironda 8 X 8 Workout.


Big lifts with short rest definetly produces A Special Training Effect.

If this is a Special Routine, designed especially around short rest periods, You may Need to Reduce the Weights to get through the work out Correctly.


I’m not on an empty stomach—I’d eaten lunch approximately 4 hours before and liquid calories 20 minutes before.

@t3hpwnisher is correct, I’m doing a variation of gironda’s 8x8, with half the volume (4x8). This is a Paul Carter’s suggestion for cutting specifically, as I discussed the program with him in his forum.

Yeah I’m actually using a weight that’s lower than my true weight for 4 sets of 8 (much lower than if I were resting, say, 2 minutes in fact).

The weight barely allowed me to get the reps in.

I think this might have to do with how I time all that water intake with the workout, as I remember experiencing this in the past as well from higher rep work in general, and it usually accompanies the general sensation of lack of oxygen from “metabolic” fatigue.

Ah… I recall the fleeting sensation all too familiarly, and always charging into the next set shy of 30s more of rest. The cycle repeats until all 20-30 sets of snatches are done. Light weight though.

I think the difficulty level is the same as what you’re doing, if you catch my drift.

T-Nation mentioned not to trade consistency for intensity, but intensity is what sets the bar higher. If you get the ‘lows’, drinking red bull or SPIKE will surely help in some regards.

It’s all about bar speed, intention and motion sickness.

Not too mention a huge testosterone boost.

Yeah, I definitely think I’m doing myself a favor by doing this program—up until recently, I never focused on the squat and that was probably a mistake.

Now I’m training the movement in a way that’ll help me bear with pain better in the future—doing high rep or short rest squats is way harder than doing heavy sets of 3 with 5 minutes of rest in between.

And even if the weight is relatively light, I know I’m working harder than I used to.

So I’m using this cut as a chance to try out new things also, and this will carry over when I start gaining mass again as I plan on making high rep squats a staple in my training in the future.

As for the “lows” thing: it’s not that I get lows or anything, it’s that I feel I’m lousy at dealing with hypoxia. My cardio fitness isn’t up to par IMO, and I don’t even smoke or anything.

The negatives I’m getting are more related to that than energy swings.

Plus, a thing I noticed: I don’t seem to react to stimulants at all. In the past I worked up to 800 mg of caffeine Pre workout (I know, that’s crazy) and I didn’t experience anything. Not even a faster heartbeat. I also started using a thermogenic fat burner that I got as a gift for a big order from my go-to supplement company, and I didn’t feel anything.

That’s quite weird tbh

You aren’t an ‘absolute weight’ guy then. These folks ‘get it’ instantly and do the hardest thing. Unless you’re a sumo-puller or Ed Coan. Again, if you catch my drift.

I’m not saying you’re second-class or recreational, I’m saying you took the time to explore options and toy around with programs or exercises, not simply a “Let’s see what can get me the most fame or most glory guy”.

Nothing wrong with that either.

Correct me if I’m wrong and I wanna be haha.

Hopefully, you’re not sharing the rack with someone else. It doesn’t always have to be this way but it sure ups the thrill factor. Charging in is exciting, very exciting. I always pace around ya know.

Definitely bro. Light weights accompanied by short rest periods remind me of EMOM.

@MarkKO knows a thing about that. Nope, I’m useless there.

Dude, get your blood checked. Nothing wrong but you should be feeling the ‘high’ from exertion and dopamine rush from completing reps and sets. Check for hematocrit levels and see how they compare to baseline levels.

The strategy I go for pre-workout (sensitizing)

  1. Take them post-workout (initially)
  2. Start to take a sip before a big lift/set
  3. Start to take 1/3 before the workout and 2/3 peri-workout
  4. Chug it all down before the workout.

No, it’s not weird. It could be the receptors malfunctioning, missing active sites, or totally missing. To be sure, don’t take coffee in the morning and wait till just before the workout. Have ample rest for sure, if you are feeling it, 2 cups of coffee (freeze-dried form minimum) should work. Ice-cold.

If you sleep less than 6h, you could experience a greater effect from coffee. Drink it within 2 minutes and then walk for about 10 minutes. Pair it with some psych-up music, a shit/piss and training thoughts then you’ll know why I urgently ask you for your hematocrit levels.

To be honest, I’m not sure what you mean here.

Sometimes I have to, but I usually manage to make it work anyway. Sharing the Rack with 20 second rests is definitely a no-no, and if someone asks I’ll just reply that I’ll be done in a couple of minutes. Luckily not many people actually squat at my gym hah

Well it’s not that I’m not feeling anything. Heavy, high rep sets definitely leave me gassed, and when doing squats I even get tunnel vision for a few seconds and I feel lightheaded and like I’m about to pass out. I recover in tenish seconds, but I wouldn’t describe it like a “low.”

I do get that kind of lows in the early afternoon, around 2PM, though. Still, coffee doesn’t seem to do much, and I just suck it up until it’s workout time and I “wake up” naturally heading to the gym.

I don’t take stimulants Pre workout anymore. I’m good with having carbs and protein only, as I feel stimulants don’t do much for me (stuff like beta alanine also used to make me sick to the stomach, a few years ago when I tried it out).

During the week I get 6 or slightly less hours a sleep a night, whereas during weekends I’ll sleep up to 9 hours usually.

You know, I enjoy coffee but I don’t drink it consistently.
There are periods I totally forget about it, then sometimes I’ll have up to 4 a day. I drink it more often when I’m restricting calories, just to feel a different taste in my mouth without actually ingesting calories (like I do with diet coke), and for the supposed slightly thermogenic effects of caffeine.

Ultimately, I’m not too worried about “optimizing” its effects as a stimulant.

Diet Coke ugh! :face_vomiting:

Just a thought…what exactly do you want from us? We explain our opinions and advice, but constantly shoot us down. I’ve been there. For a couple of months I refrained from posting because I felt like I needed to listen and absorb,self reflect, etc. I was rude, a dumbass and disrespectful for the most part. I realize I have to constantly work on myself and take care of my body. All that caffeine is insane. I don’t drink any caffeinated drinks and would never drink a chemical filled drink that is carbonated. Caffeine also causes mood swings…you really need to get your house in order. As I said I can be bitchy but I think you’re seeking way too much validation, perhaps self-worth and definitely have the “victim” mindset. As I posted before relax and the Iron or women are never going to fulfill you

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Lol you seriously gotta be kidding me here. We’re just having a conversation here—where did I “shoot anyone down?”

Just because I’m replying something other than, “yes you’re totally right,” doesn’t mean I think others’ opinion is shit. I’ve been reading this site for a long while before even creating an account here and those that have read any of my posts know that I often make a point to remind my interlocutor that I value their opinion and me replying with my thoughts does in no way invalidate what they say.

I know I should chill out sometimes, but really I don’t think this is the case now

You gave me a dopamine boost here. It’s okay. I’m wrong.

That’s likely due to incorrect RPE for the workout for said weight. Rest longer. I get that for MP so I totally understand how you feel mate.

Train slower.

Yea, that’s the best case scenario too for me. Once again, you nailed this response.

They usually go by flavor to pair with the harshness of the programme, not so much the touted ergogenic benefits. But I ever tried Anaconda and boy… was I hooked!

It helps if you have nothing on your plate as sport enhancing nutrition. But if you abuse it, it will naturally become redundant.

@girlgotguns: I love the heat. He’s being honest. And he’s a silent squatter meaning he keeps his shit to himself. Thanks for chiming in, I’d love to have you around but it’s me VS him one on one heh. Not really, get a room, folks, for prattling. Just messin’ around! You’re quite harsh Tohsaka! High standards for behavior eh. I didn’t know caffeine causes mood swings so thanks!

@samul: To get rid of the squatting headache, wait till you faint then you’ll realize how silly it is to avoid rest periods while tackling a significant weight. Nausea is bad enough. Tried letting out the intra-abdominal pressure with a shout by bracing pre-descent and exhaling on the uprise.

Aggression helps. 1RM training will do you some benefits but the key is to breathe intra-set (something I am not good at too).