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NAUGHTY T-MEN, IS THIS YOUR DOING??!! Cartoonist receives death threats over Tillman satire

Cartoonist receives death threats over Tillman satire

New York-AP – A cartoonist says he’s received lots of death threats for satirizing the media’s response to the death of a former pro-football player killed in Afghanistan.

Pat Tillman – an Army Ranger – was killed last month.

Cartoonist Ted Rall says he’s gotten about six-thousand e-mails – including 300 threatening death or bodily harm.

The cartoon, distributed Monday to about 70 newspapers, said that Tillman “falsely believed” that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were linked to the Nine-Eleven attacks.

It suggested Tillman was quote – “a cog in a low-rent occupation army that shot more innocent civilians than terrorists.”

Rall said the initial responses to the cartoon were “extremely negative” by nearly 100-to-one, but have since shifted.

No, it couldn’t have been the T-Men. Could it? (spoken with sarcastic tone)

While I don’t condone these actions, Rall should have thought about the possible ramifications of his actions before he decided to have that cartoon printed. But, free speech is free speech and he is allowed to say what he wants. On the flip side, so are all of the people who are sending him the negative feedback. I say, keep it going.
A little thought before you speak (or draw) goes a long way.

The cartoonist is a fucking idiot. Let Mr. Tillman RIP! He bravely fought for our country and turned down millions. That takes a lot of guts, which many dont have!

Pat Tillman wasn’t over there fighting to defend censorship.

In what way is knowing to keep your mouth shut, when writing and distributing an incredibly unpopular view, censorship? And since when is censorship a bogeyman? Censorship in a form or another goes on all the time in every country.

Pretty sure Mr Tillman wasn’t over there fighting for the right of that asshole to talk trash on his grave.

I just went to the cartoonist’s website to get a clear picture of the cartoon in question. IMHO, the telltale sign of the author’s reason for existence is the link at the bottom of the page which said, “click here to BUY a print of this cartoon.” That someone can make a living dishonoring those who serve our country is appalling. That someone would defend that kind of person is just as bad. Tillman deserves to be called a hero as much as any who serve our nation in the armed forces. People like Rall and his supporters should be ashamed of themselves. It’s too bad that our society has lost all reason and forgotten what shame is. We need to all take a moment to gain some perspective from this and look at who is doing the greater good for our country; someone willing to give their life for another’s freedom, or someone willing to use their talent to ignorantly drag someone’s name through the mud.
GB-Proud Desert Storm veteran.

before this anyone heard of Rall?? fuck no, now he’s a house hold name and selling pics, its capitalism at its occasional worst. Fuck em, forget him, and dont read his shit or even check his site, then well all forget him fast!

As for Tillman and all the armed forces, god bless, whether you believe in this war or not.

The guy drew that just for this reason. He is going to get his 15 minutes and probably make a little money… most people don’t care who they offend if they can visualize a few extra zeros at the end of their bank statements.


Must be nice for people like Rall and others to bash those involved in a situation while sitting comfortably on the sidelines.
These guys are the modern day equivilant of the ‘political activists’ of the sixties bashing returning soldiers, while they comfortablly hung out in Canada (no offense meant my Northern friends…) or the U.S., getting high and tripping on acid.

Shut up gregbrock. God forbid someone wants to make a living at their chosen profession.

And Ted Rall is a highly skilled and widely respected cartoonist, who has traveled and lived in Afghanistan. he is not a pussy sitting at home judging others.

He is respected esp for the fact that his cartoons are serious and deal w/ world issues, not about fluff.

TomTomorrow is awesome as well, though a bit too left-wing

Highly skilled? at what?

Forming an opinion? so what, I do that all the time.

It surley is not at drawing, hell, my son can draw a better cartoon.

The fact is, Rall took a cheap shot at a guy who gave up everything for the love of his country, just because he is anti-bush.

Rall’s only skill is being a critic and complainer and getting paid for it.

?It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes up short again and again; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.?

			      -Teddy Roosevelt	-		

Gee if hes been to Afghanistan, doesn’t that make him somewhere along the lines of Hanoi Jane?

Political cartoons that didn’t toe the party line were banned in the old Soviet Union.

You guys would have loved it there.

Waaauughh… somebody has a different point of view than me, isn’t that against the law or something? You are either with me or against me dammit!

Umm, sorry to break in on the politic stuff, but did anyone else enjoy being called naughty by Chinadoll?

Companies not printing offensive garbage is not “censorship” in the way that people use it here. If the government were to step in and say “you CAN’T print that” it would be a huge deal, but this is a private company doing this. Companies exist to make money, so insulting most of your audience in the name of free speech would just be plain dumb. If I were the editor I would fire ted rall, or if I were to keep him, I would morph my audience more towards the crowd that would appreciate this kind of thing. Unfortunately, that would be self-defeating, since the professional-protester-I-haven’t-washed-since -1969- I-hate-Americans -I-have-never -met-my-dad market is small and largely unemployed.

LOL Fnord! know what? I kinda did.
Do it again…do it again!

Ted Rall’s job is to criticize and questions other using a cartoon media. He did just that. Censorship is unamerican. Just because someone was brave doesn’t mean he could not have been foolish at the same time.

Everyone needs to be criticized.

Sonny, WTF??

I’d have to say Rall’s cartoon was a little too left wing.

This Tommorrow guy must be a complete putz.

The threats should not be tolerated.

That said, people expressing their disagreement with Rall, his point of view, and his crassness are not engaging in “censorship.” Censorship implies the power to force someone to not say or publish something. Governments have such power. Consumers do not.

Consumers do, however, have the power to buy what they want, and to express their preferences as loudly as they want to. Organizing a boycott or telling the publisher that your purchasing decision is influenced by your dislike of Rall is not censorship – it’s called Free Speech.