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Naturopathic Doctor

Hey I just started seeing this naturopathic MD and Id like the opinion of the board on a couple things:

  1. Luckily he agrees with JBs reccs on macronutrient combinations but he also advocates different diets for people with different blood types. He refered me to a book “cook right for your type” by Dr Peter D’Adamo. Basically the idea is that people with different blood types can tolerate/digest different foods better than others. As a blood type O I can eat much the same as I have been i.e. alot of meat, low starch carbs etc. But foods on my avoid list are whey and casein. However I told the doc that wouldnt be an option with my protein shakes and MRPs. He recommended soy but i said no way. Let me know what you guys think of all this?
  2. I told him I have very low energy levels in the morning. After looking at my fasted morning blood work he said that my cortisol levels were too low in the morn. at 11. 0mcg/dl-He said being a stress hormone u need it higher in the morning to wake up and gave me some herbal supps to help. They are: a liquid -ribes nigrum (adrenal tonic) and adrenal support that consists of some bovine adrenal extracts. Any input on the cortisol/morning thing or the supplements?
  3. Lastly as I sit here recuperating from surgery on Tues to remove a small amount of gyno (a result of poor planning several years ago)i am planning my next cycle in a few weeks. He recommended a product called aromastat consisting of: chamomile extract, chrysin, curcumin C3 complex, daidzein and genstein (both from soy isoflavones), indole-3-carbinol,and glycitein. This time I am also planning on 20mg ED of nolvadex, 3 weeks in. But what do you guys think of these supps he reccomeneded as anti-es

Sorry for the long post but this guy has some interesting ideasa and methods. I would appreciate feedback on any or all of these points.

The blood type diet, popularly known as Eat Right for Your Type, has NOTHING to back it up scientifically. I might buy it a little bit if they based it on clotting agents or something…but there’s nothing to it. I’d just smile and nod and eat what I know is right.
I’m not so sure about that needing cortisol in the morning bit…but I don’t know much about it. Search the site a bit for it? And I’m sure there’s other people who know how to call that one.