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Natures Way Vitex

I bought the natures way Vitex (the only brand of only Vitex available in Canada i have seen). It says 100 cap, 745mg each, but on the back its says it has 40mg Vitex in a base of millett and gelatin (capsule) does that mean i’m only getting 40mg of Vitex. If so, how many pills should I be taking daily in stacking with Tribex?

You can also get vitex by Solaray (not standardized) and Natural Factors (standardized).

GNC doesn’t carry Solarray in Canada and I don;t seem to be able to find it in any other brand other than the Natures Way one, so again, how many capsules standardized to 40mg should i take, takin into consideration I weigh 220, and work out religiously.

Last week I posted a mini-review of the studies to date that I could find regarding all of the species of Vitex and what they do in humans or little test animals. Outside of all of the female stuff (may be good in the peri-menopausal years, the majority of the studies show active compounds to be ecdysteroids, terpenes, lactenes and so on. What did catch my eye was that Vitex when given with testosterone protected against “shrinkage” and damage to the testes and the sperm production. Very interesting. Before I pop vitex and since I am not on a T, what are people who take Vitex alone noticing?

The Natural Factors one is standardized for 0.6% aucubin and not AGNUSIDES. I tried it and didn’t feel a thing, and that’s probably why. If worse comes to worse just find an Internet retailer and order FEMAPRIN from the states. It’s the best stuff out there, THE original vitex formulation imported from Germany, where it’s known as AGNOLYT. All or most of the vitex studies have used this extract.

What dose for Femaprin? Ingredients lists “3.85mg - 0% vitex extract” per tab …?

Does anyone know of a good vitex supplement available in the UK? I have been using Holland & Barrett’s Agnust Castus capsules for a month with no discernable effect. Otherwise can anyone recommend a good online retailer for Agnolyt? Thanks.

Excuse my ignorance but what is Vitex?

Never mind, i’ve searched the site and i shall be purchasing some immediately!

To the Canucks:
Herbal Select Vitex Plus,
Contents per capsule:
100mg of Vitex Agnus Castus, standardized for 5% Agnusides,
350mg of Chaste Tree Berry powder

Guelph Ontario Canada
Made in Canada!

Results: gives good wood :slight_smile:
Any health food store in Canada should be able to order this for you. I got mine from the health food section of an Overwaitea foodstore.

Doug Kalman, how do I find that info you posted on vitex? I’m new here and not found a search feature yet. I have been experimenting with vitex and Femaprin for a few months now. My reason for taking these supplements has nothing to do with wieght lifing. I have been using them to help increase ejaculatory volume. I also take L-Arginine and zinc daily for the same purpose. When I was taking GNC brand Vitex I noticed no results (even when doubling the dose for a few weeks). Next I tried Natures Way Femaprin, and I can say this stuff works much better. Within 3 or 4 days of starting the Femaprin I noticed my nuts felt heavier and my nut sack felt “fuller” or like there was a little edema. I also noticed my balls started to ache like when the load builds up from being held too long. After a week on the Femaprin the opportunity arose with the girlfreind for me to see if this stuff was doing any good. Well I can say the “wet spot” on the bed was much larger than usual. I have not done any measurements yet to see how much the Femaprin has increased things, but it has helped some (still not anywhere close to Peter North). Been thinking of tring Tribex next and maybe stacking it with Femaprin. If this dosn’t get me what I’m looking for, then I guess I might give clomid a try (have heard all porn stars are on clomid).

Someone asked what's in Femaprin. Ingred label lists following....Vit B6 100mg, Vitex agnus castus dried extract(fruit) 225mg 0.6% agnusides, Vitex agnus castus (fruit) 100mg.

I shot a few e-mails to Natures Way asking for the differnce between their Vitex and Femaprin products. I thought I would get more active ingred (agnusides) from the regular Vitex since it had a higher mg dosage than the stuff in Femaprin. It was explained to me even though the vitex listed in Femaprin is lower mg dose, since it is standardized to 0.6% I would be getting more of the active ingred. Think their regular vitex is around 0.5%, but is not standardized. I don’t know a lot about herbs, but I guess a standardized herb is better. You know how much of the active ingred you are getting with each dose. If it is not standardized it’s really hit or miss on how much of the active ingred you are getting. Or so I have been told.

What benifits does Vitex have for weight lifting?? Does it act like a testosterone booster. I know it increases LH and FSH hormones and in women this helps with estrogen/progestorne imbalances. I think it helps increase progestorone in women, so maybe it increases test in males? I could not find any info regarding vitex and males, lots of stuff on vitex use for women (PMS, infertility, menopause, etc.)