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Nature's Own Wheat-n-Fiber

Just trying to add a little variety to my nutrition. What do you guys and gals think about this choice if I were to add bread to the menu?

Nutritional Label

What are the ingredients? I’ve seen other brands with higher fiber and even lower total carbs… if thats what you’re aiming for. As for overall nutrition, I’d go with Food For Life Ezekiel Bread, with a pretty natural, simplistic ingredient list and a very low GI (35 I believe).

Any bread with more than 3 or 4 ingredients is suspect in my book.

Sorry for the hijack, but when the mono, poly, and saturated for don’t equal the total, where is it coming from? Is that just an FDA reporting quirk where under some amount, like .5,they can call it 0?

arnold’s or pepperidge farm carb style bad is better than that in terms of nutritional content…8g of carbs, 3g coming from fiber so a total of 5g. also, 5g of protein, and only 60 cals a slice.

Ezekiel Bread

Hard to find sometimes but very high in fiber and low low in glycemic value…