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Nature Pics


That's down near baddeck isn't it?


I've been debating about making a thread like this, but never got around to it. Do only nature pics count?

I like photographing skies.

EDIT: I don't mean skies aren't nature, I mean, I have others, as well, and would post them if anyone was interested in seeing them.


Personally, i'd like to see them. I love those kinds of pics, too.

Post them, please.


Taken christmas '07 in Colorado. First time in the Rockies..just wow.


2nd one.




A park garden in Japan.


This is what nature looks like in Tokyo :wink:


More Tokyo nature


oh my god. that's it, i'm moving to montana. this thread has potential, i love the outdoors!


Glacier National Park, just below the summit of Ipasha Peak looking to the NNW. The spot where I took the photograph is kind of hard to get to - it's approximately 13 miles and 6000 vertical feet from the trailhead. If I recall correctly, it took around 13 hours (round trip) to summit the peak.



Another from GNP.


It's great to wake up to!


Uh... my back yard in Joizy.



Sure is, not the easiest trail to find though.


Me @ Blowing Rock, NC


Linn Cove Viaduct, Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina


Hump Mountain, NC


Miami Metro Zoo