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Nature Pics


I take a lot of pictures when I go fishing and or outdoors as a hobbie/interest. I wanted to make a thread for people who share the same interest or has seen nature pictures they like.
These are all self taken.


Local area


EDIT: Cause imhungry thought it was gay what I said



It looks FAAAABULOUS, Fuzzy:)

Sooooooo, how did they smell?? You DID smell them, didn't you?? I bet they smelled ravishing!!

I'm playin'

Here's a cool pic my good friend sent me the other day.......


I was reading that after I posted it and its does sound ghey lol.

^^^Snow run off?


Yeah, it did....

Probably is run off. The falls are in Washington and they got a shit-ton of snow this year.


Damn, British Columbia looks beautiful.


Crappy pic of my first redfish. Caught it about two weeks ago.


The Cabot Trail...one of the nicest places you'll find


Old coal mine near where I grew up that have been used as walking trails for ages...and the wildlife is an ex and her skank friend


Not far from where I live.


Mother nature and a diesel rolling coal.


..Muusst go theeeerree....!!! Tell me where that place it..preferably with a link in google maps.


Good man, I'm from Nova Scotia...miss home quite a bit. Cape Breton is one of my favorite places to hike, ever heard of Pollet's Cove? I'll post some pics.


Cabot Trail, Cape Breton


Pollet's Cove, Cape Breton


Pollet's Cove


Edmonton, Alberta


Cambridge Narrows, New Brunswick


Cambridge Narrows