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i have seen a few natural shows, but some guys have such a good physique,with qualities of a steroid user(hardness, vascularity…), do these guys cycle on some steroids or other drugs, and then get clean for a show???

A lot of natural competitors aren’t really natural. I am not saying this applies to all of the competitors or most of them, but a lot of guys cheat.

definitely. the amount of true ‘natural’ bbers out there are FEW and FAR BETWEEN. even at the so-called natural shows.

From what I understand it is, sadly, true that there is a lot of steroid use in natural bodybuilding.
I also think that those who don’t want to use steroids, gh, etc. should enter shows anyway. Maybe they won’t win but they will have the satisfaction of getting their physiques in the best shape possible. There are some good articles on this site about steroid vs. non-steroid dieting.