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Naturally Reducing DHT

I am a 45 year old male, 6’3" and 230 pounds.

I have been of TRT for 3 years. I inject Test E., take HCG and Adex. I am happy with it all, but still learning. (Probably will be learning and tweaking for life.) One concern I have is my DHT is off the charts, and I think I am losing my hair more rapidly now.

Is there a natural way to reduce my DHT?

I am taking saw palmetto, which is natural, but even at a high dose (3 x 160mg pills per day) my DHT is so high it is literally above the maximum range that can be measured.

I do not want to take Finasteride type of drugs – I have read the horror stories from a minority of people. I’d rather go bald than risk wrecking my sex life.

How can I naturally reduce my DHT? Or am I just an unlucky super-converter that is stuck with this issue? (I only inject 150mg of Test a week, so having sky high DHT seems unusual.)

Is your only complaint hair loss?
Labs would be useful.