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Naturally High Estradiol/Please Help


Hi I am new to this forum. My problem is that I have an odd bone structure for a 21 year old male. I have wide hipbone and narrow ribcage. My bone structure looks hourglass shaped. I have what people call a gynoid body I.e. I put on fat in my hips and chest as opposed to the front of the midsection like normal men put on. My height is 5.8ft. Weight 57kg. I have a narrow chest with broad hipbone.
My hormonal Profile is as follows:
Total testosterone-625ng/dl
Free testosterone-0.5nmol/l ECLIA method.
Free testosterone Index-95.34 (Range32-92.6%)
Bioavailable Testosterone-13.50 nmol/l(serum)
SHBG-22.3nmol/l ECLIAmethod
FREE t3-5.6pmol/l
Sensitive TSH-2.53microIU/ml
LH and prolactin FSH are within normal range.

Also I have nonexistent Libido. No morning errction since over 6months. My previous doctor doesn’t think anything is wrong. Tomorrow I’m gonna show new doc my estradiol reading. But the way that I put on weight naturally in the hips and chest. My broad hips and narrow ribcage is unlike a normal male. At puberty estrogen brodens the hips and ribcage stays narrow. That’s exactly how my body is. Feminine shaped. What is the right estradiol reading for men at 21? I read on this site that estradiol blocks the action of testosterone on receptors. I believe that is what happens in my body naturally. Also I am not taking any medications. Im not a fat person either. Yet I’m putting on too much weight in my chest. Please Help


Please use [edit] in lower right hand corner of your post above and add lab ranges to the lab data.

4.what? "Albumin(serum)-4.BCGmethod "

Need numbers not "LH and prolactin FSH are within normal range. "

Does skin on lower body seem different from your upper body?

Your high E2 can be from high E2 production or from poor clearance by the liver.

Labs: - you have some now
CBC with hematocrit
AST/ALT [liver function]

TSH=2.3: should be closer to 1.0
TSH can be elevated by not using iodized salt [iodine deficient]

Have your testes become smaller or softer?

Where are you located? This affects your medical options.

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When did these changes happen? 5 months? Anything happen prior to that? Injuries or blow to the head?

What has happened to your mood and energy levels?
Any brain fog?