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Naturally "Filling Out"?

20 years old
5’ 9"
Estimate 10-14% BF

I’ve been training for roughly 2 years seriously. I used to eat very little and train super hard. At one point I dieted down to 7% BF, 140lbs and barely had any muscle. I had serious body image issues and felt I needed to cut body fat even more.

I now am trying to gain muscle. I want to get rid of the excess body fat I have while maintaining the muscle mass i currently have.

And tips on how I can accomplish this?

Come on Man!

You can’t Gain muscle while you Maintain current muscle mass!


I mean’t gaining muscle in the long term. Short term, I just want to lose some excess body fat while maintaining as much muscle as I can. That way I can continue to grow and fill out.

Why not just continue building muscle and let that be the factor that changes the lean mass/fat mass ratio?

2 birds,1stone.


Ditto what @SkyzykS said

If you still have “serious body image issues” (I suspect you do), I suggest you consider therapy. Short of finding a serendipitously radioactive spider to bite you, I don’t think there’s anything else you can do that will give you what you really want/need–a body you feel good about in the next few years.


Run through Tnation templates, anything by Dan John, Thib, Wendler etc. This a good start…


You will not be happy once you diet down again. You need more muscle to get the look you want.

Are you a model? Why do you need to be <10% body fat? If you’re really 10-14% that’s pretty ideal for gaining muscle. You’ll even have some ab definition, too.

As @EyeDentist said, you should also consider therapy. It sounds like anorexia, to be frank.


Maybe stop worrying about body fat so much? All having single digit bf% does at 5’9 155lbs gives off is the illusion on camera that your bigger . In real life in cloth you wont look impressive at all. As stated above maybe seek help. Along with stated above build more muscle…

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