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Naturally Fast Metabolism?


Now, we've all seen those people who eat hundreds, and in a lot of cases even thousands more calories more then they need to but never gain weight. My question is, what is it that is happening/what do they more or less of/scientifically in their body that allows them to do this?


I'm not sure anyone else is going to get back to you on this. I mean this site is really only oriented to bodybuilding; which normally consists of keeping things as simple as possible. EAT, LIFT HEAVY, EAT, SLEEP. In other words you may be better off going to the library and reading up on the subject because it is a little bit complex for the bodybuilding forum to say the least. Who knows maybe that just me. With that being said, here is what I can tell you...

METABOLISM: "the sum of chemical reactions happening in your body. Allowing cells to grow and reproduce, maintain their structure, and respond to their environments." [Wikipedia]

To put it simply genetics play a big role in how well this process works. From what I know, that's just the way it is. Blame your parents [as they say]. On top of your genetic make-up you can increase it slightly by adjusting your body composition.

The breakdown of body composition goes like this:

Muscle Tissue contributes to approx. 20%
Fat contributes to approx. 5%
Organs contribute to about 80%

Other then that I can't tell you much more about it. So to answer your question(s), I don't think it really has anything to do with what the person in question is doing, but the fact that they have good genetics. Their body composition will only play a small role in all of this.


Yeah I see where you are coming from but I mean, if im understanding properly...lean mass atributes to most of your metabolism, most of what you can increase anyways. So a person who carries 150lbs of lean mass will burn more then someone with 120lbs of lean mass. Yet I have friends that are say 5'11 and 120lbs, which is less lean mass then me, eat nothing but complete shit, and TONS of it and yet are rail thin. They mustve have more mitochondria then me? (if i understand properly, mitochondria are more active or are more of them in muscle tissue and the primary uses of energy). So I was just wondering what "genetics" acounts to on a scientific level.


Being awfully fidgety can probably help waste hundreds of calories more than a more calm person would too.


I'm not sure what the cause is but I know I sure got it... I'd guess aside from things like lean body mass, activity level, calorie intake and macronutrient ratios the most significant factor would be the levels of some hormones.


I wish I could find the article...not sure if I read it here or on some random Yahoo news link, but I do remember one part of it:

That the main difference between an obese person and someone that is regular or underweight was (paraphrase) "unstructured activity" or basically, fat people sit around and hyper people like myself can't sit still.

Not sure how factual the study was but it's something to think about.

I'm waiting for them to make a pill to give fatties "restless leg syndrome" as a way to lose weight.


New around here AND you've got it all figured out?

OP: It varies from person to person. I for one can get fat by only eating 500 calories a day. I can also burn fat like crazy eating 4500 calories a day. The key is nutrient timing and a healthy diet. Genetics plays a small role, but my genetics would be that I have slower metabolism as I'm naturally fat as is most of my family.


Well I've yet to see any answer that gives him the answer he's looking for. Plus there hasn't been much response to it either. I didn't mean it in an offensive way, so don't take it that way.

I'm just suggesting that he probably won't find the answer here. He is probably better doing some real research.


We gain weight mate, but it's not visable as it goes straight to our cocks.


It's not that he won't find the answer here, he won't find the answer anywhere. If he could, than that site would make a million dollars because they discovered the secret of weight.

Besides the secrets we are missing, there are 100's of factors to take into account when gaining and losing weight. Mitochondria count being of least concern IMO.

The most important I think is meal frequency at a young age. While I've seen young kids that can eat a ton and not gain weight I do tend to see those kids might eat one big meal when with their friends but they are not hungry All the time and constantly eating.

Where as the fat or bigger kids are ALWAYS snacking on some kind of cake, or always eating til they are full. I mention kids because as you age it takes more work to change your body type. It may not seem like it because people eat so much nowadays, but to the body people packing in 4500 calories then sitting on their ass all day is hard work.

And yes the average person in the U.S can get this pretty easy when factor in sodas cookies, cakes and dairy queen.
Genetics plays a major portion in your
Handling of Stress,
Heart Rate,
How you digest different foods.
So theres no one factor that effects metabolism.