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Does anyone know of other things (besides chemo, radiation) that can help fight cancer?

Are you talking prevention or cure?

good diet, no sugar, solid amount of vitamins/minerals, lots of water.

Cancer is generally a spontaneous occurance in a single cell. That single cell will grow rapidly and mutate the cells around it to be cancerous via external stimuli. A lot of the time, environmental stimuli cause cancer because they shouldn’t be in your system (i.e. cigarettes and lung cancer) You can decrease your risk of getting cancer, but you can’t really “beat” cancer without drugs/chemo.

You could give Aajonus W(V?)onderplanitz Raw Food Diet a try.

(If what he says is true, obviously. Apparently, he came back from a very poor health status by converting to raw food. At first look, considering enzyme efficiency under various temperatures, it makes sense. Don’t know at all if it does the job, though. Don’t know if it is line with your bodybuilding goals either.)

colin cancer, by the way your name is offensive to someone that has cancer unless you personally have gone through it yourself.

And too you your comments about eating. There really is no proven diet out there to prevent cancer. There have been stuff shown on how to help the cancer patient out there to. Like eating more of a vegateran diet.

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PC has been taken way to far…

Hey fitone, quit being a dick. My name is not offensive unless you take to be offensive. That was like G-dawg calling Justin Wanker a racist when he clearly wasn’t. Grow the fuck up and realize everything’s not offensive.

Yes, a healthy diet can lead to cancer prevention, but not cancer remedy, just like I previously stated.

Lavender and frankincense essential oils (among others) are believed to have anti-tumoral properties. There was a very recent scientific study that showed lavender essential oil had a significant impact against breast tmors, but I don’t know the reference.

i am changing my name to “heart disease.” do you think that will offend anyone?

Fitone, damn dude…

Lighten the hell up. Colin’s name is what it is.

Just a name.

I can only assume that you’re the type of dude who actually looks for reasons to be offended.

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I think fitone was offended because he has cancer. I’ll change my name to gyno or smallpenis and see if anyone gets offended.

IM changing my name to syphillis.

AHCC…MGN-3…Antioxidants…lots of fruits and veggies…garden of life prodcuts…check them out…

clintpatty you are right. I am offend because I do have cancer and its not something that I would want a name in front of it. I just think thats wrong.

I study cancer, therefore I chose it. Tough Shit.

For those of you who want to follow the thread and not some inane name argument, I found a book reference on Mercola’s web site. It’s for a book called “Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer” by W. John Diamond, W. Lee Cowden, Burton Goldberg. It might make interesting reading. I can’t vouch for its contents.

Go online and type in “Anticarcinogenic” followed by first “drugs” then “foods” then “substances”. My Grandfather died of skin cancer and it hit me pretty hard. I recently read that a shitload of Melotonin a day has serious anticancer properties, we’re talking about 100mgs. Inositol also has anticarcinogenic effects as well as the olive leaf. Do research.