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Natural Ways to Block Estrogen


Besides taking supplements, what are some ways to reduce estrogen in the body? Thanks.


A few things come to mind:


*eat soy products
*use skin/hair products that have parabens in them
*injest pesticides
*drink filtered water
*use pink dumbells


Saw Palmeto?


Other than supplements...

What about eating the foods that the supplements are made from?

Hmm, maybe drop a lot of fat so you can combat aromatization?

Assuming you actually need to block estrogen or block aromatization it would probably be a lot easier if you just took some supplements. For example, REZ-V has all kinds of health benefits and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.


Reduce body fat


I know brocolli has a certain chemical in it that helps to block estrogen.


I did know that are you sure, good news since I eat broccoli. I know cauliflower has some AI benefits.


I think you are refering to I3C, or a metabolite known as DIM, which is present in some vegetables.


Of course, both are available in supplement form... though the above seems to suggest DIM would be a better bet.


Vroom, do you know how DIM compares to REZ-V as an estrogen antagonist?


I don't have any way to know how they would compare, but I do know that resveratrol has a whole range of health benefits associated with it.

I like REZ-V, Flameout and other supplements that seem to have wide ranging positive effects on a variety of systems. For example, pomegranate is the subject of much research these days, though not with respect to estrogen as far as I recall.


It may be worth looking at which supplements people use when coming off a cycle for PCT. 6-OXO comes to mind as one that is an excellent.



Alpha Male appears to be stronger when taken together with Rez-V. I'm speaking only about subjective indicators, since I don't have any objective measurements available (blood work).


DIM looks like an interesting supplement, i may have to try it.


I used DIM before and IC3. I didn't really notice anything or feel any different when not using it. I figured maybe less fat or water retention, but it wasn't anything you'll notice.