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Natural vs Flavored Whey Protein


are the flavored whey proteins really that delicious? i keep reading great things about them, but theyre expensive compared to the natural flavor, which i really dont care for that much. can anybody who has tried both give me a taste analysis? thanks.


I've never seen a price difference in flavored v. natural myself... I guess I dont really use unflavored though (I cant imagine its palatable)

The whey they sell here(Grow!) is not "flavored" per se, but it has a hint of sweetness to it. The Metabolic Drive (which is a mix of whey, casein and other kinds of protein) taste GREAT for the most part. I very rarely hear someone complain about the flavor.


Just received my first natural flavor today (Grow!). I loved it. Bottomline for me is that flavored is better, but not enough where I'm going to spend more for it when natural already tastes good AND is cheaper.