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Natural Valentino


Quite an interesting vid. I can't vouch for its legitimacy so feel free to comment.

Assuming it's true, wow! He was in some seriously good shape.


I remember the interview in Bigger, Faster, Stronger. He was saying if he could go back to looking the way he did, he would without a doubt. It's too bad to see what could have been indeed.


Quite a nice phyisque actually.


if the author of that video is implying that he didnt use synthol to acheive the growth of arms, he is foolish.


I think the video is to give Greg some legitmacy for his physique accomplishments prior to destroying his physique with synthol.


So synthol works by stretching the fascia, am I right?


He was aesthetic, but that doesn't look like a natural physique. He says he's "natural" there, when it's evident he uses synthol he says he "abused from steroids"... what will he be using when he admits synthol usage?


What the fuck ever. 1st, you can't tell that from a picture. 2nd, There are many natural trainees like Skip Lacour who look even leaner and drier than he ever did, at a good size. 3rd, that's not unattainable for a dedicated natural trainee. He'd been working out his whole damn life. Cut him some slack.


I've stood next to Valentino in person, and he's a damn short dude. So taking into account that he could naturally be inclineds towards full, round muscle bellies,... Yes, I believe he could be natural in that pic. Damn shame how far he went, because he looked mighty impressive before he filled himself full of shit.



What makes you think that he's not natural in that pic?

Not that I would know whether he was back then or not, just saying... Looks no different than quite a few natural guys do in season to me.


I couldn't agree more.


I'm pretty sure it's his huge calves that give it away.



He loked like a jacked jonny depp, lol.


God, y would someone with his physic (natural days) destroy it like that!!!


People always think they're making positive decisions. Sadly, it's usually in hindsight that we realize the mistakes we've made. I'm all over the place mentally with my current contest prep, but I know full well that I'll look back after the fact and it will be painfully obvious what mistakes I made.... too late of course -lol.



That's the way we learn and also why experience counts. No matter HOW much I read when I was a 170 lbs it would never transfer to what I know now about the way MY body responds to supplements, training splits, volume and women.

Oh. Yeah. Err. The last one. Err. I still don't get them.


but even if you use synthol once it doesnt do that to you. just like anything else you make progress, im sure there was a point when plenty of people were telling him how retarded his arms were looking but he just kept going.


Nobody is arguing whether that could be attained naturally, just arguing whether HE attained it naturally. It seems like followers need to be hit with a brick wall before they believe somebody used roids, even if the followers themselves use it. Many pro-athletes who use steriods act like people in jail, they're all innocent.

I agree with aragon, why trust someone who has shown a clear disregard for integrity? Just like A-Rod and Bonds, ONLY used roids the days they failed the test right?


oh boy


From what I've heard, you get plenty of women.