Natural TT Is Low

I have issue with Low TT already from 2020. It is quite long story, so I will make shortly. I had several visits in hospital, alot blood test and EMR. 2020 my TT was 9.7nmol/l. Never used steroids that time. After my visit to doctor I got 6 months clomide 50mg/day. It was good, TT came to 26nmol/l, after stopping around two months it teop to 11nmol/l. According doctor is in lower limits, so she said we will do other test after 6 months. In this six months I tried TT injection 300mg/week for 12 weeks. After 3 months we did one more test and it was 13nmol/l. Looks like TT injection was better than clomid. According doctor is all ok and no more help need for me.

After more than a year I took again TT test, and it is 9.7. it come back to level 2020.
At the moment I am confused, I am 33 years old, 96kg- not a beach boy, I have some fat around 20% bf. I have quit a power, always active, never sit in one place. Training for 15 years already all kind of sports. Working out 4 times a week, 1time cardio, fisical work and so on. So how does it possible I have 9.7 my wife says it does not look that I have low TT. I would say I have quite a body size. 182cm, 96kg

9.7nmol is very low, how does I am strong and have solid body and always fit all day long.
Most time evening I am tired, but my day is always busy, I tell you before evening my breake is eating and than I go in action until 20.00 I bring my kid to bed, I sleep around 30min and than easy evening with my wife. Regular sex 2-3 times per week. My friend always works. With my wife we are together 15 years, so 3 times a week is very good I believe

It’s possible you have low levels of steroid hormone binding globulin (SHBG), leading to false readings of total T. You might also have normal levels of free testosterone. Personally, I think total T is pretty much useless, except as a starting point in diagnosing hypogonadism. Maybe get SHBG and free T measured?


Sorry, but no. It’s not just about the hormone levels, but the sensitivity at the androgen receptor. A person with insensitive receptors needs more testosterone to feel good, therefore you can’t have one number for everyone.

Unfortunately, no consensus has been reached regarding the lower TT threshold defining TD, and there are no generally accepted lower limits of normal TT. This lack of consensus follows from the fact that no studies have shown a clear threshold for TT or free T that distinguishes men who will respond to treatment from those who will not.

Meanwhile the number of CAG (cytosine–adenine–guanine triplet) repeats in androgen receptor differs in men and influences the androgen receptor activity. Hence testosterone sensitivity may vary in different individuals.

The prevalence of hypogonadal symptoms increases with TT levels below 12.1 nmol/L (350 ng/dL). However, Zitzmann et al. have shown that testosterone deficiency symptoms may also be seen with TT levels as high as 15 nmol/L. This study showed that the prevalence of loss of libido or vigor increased at testosterone concentrations below 15 nmol/L.

2020 SHGB was 22.62 (14.55-94.64 range). free TT I am not able todo, In netherlands it is not so easy and high prices.

I can’t think of a worse place to be on earth seeking treatment for a testosterone deficiency.

Whenever your medical illness isn’t in your doctors top ten greatest hits, your experience will not be a good one. The truth is testosterone replacement makes up a tiny fraction of a doctors business and is why a proper diagnosis and seeking treatment is such as pain in the a**.

Agree, they also lagging of experiences. I could say it was waist of time and energy… I have a good home doctor so I need to make a decision to go to doctor to hospital ( back to beginning) or just live like this…

Could you a bit explain more about it.