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Natural Training vs Training on Steroids for Powerlifting?


It would be obvious that you can handle more volume, but what does that exactly mean? I know that for naturals there are given numbers how many sets/reps per muscle group is ideal per weak, how much PEDs change on that? For example someone on steroids can squat, bench, deadlift 5x a week? It would be very taxing on the nervous system and steroids can’t help that, so it would mean that after a few weeks he will feel like shit? Should a powerlifter on gear train for muscle mass which he can make stronger off cycle, train in the 3-5 range only for strength or a mix of the two?


Most people who use gear train exactly like they did without it, in the context of powerlifting. In my experience, gear just amplifies strength gains. I still train each lift once a week, and sometimes I only train deadlift every other week.