Natural Training Question

Okay guys. I’m about to embark on the Chad Waterbury 10x3 for fat loss and then have another 2 subsequent programmes to use afterwards.

My question is.

Is a good muscular physique as seen in many pictures on this site (within the forum threads i.e. guys posting their pics) , really obtainable without the use of Steroids?

I would just love to know if I am throwing my money away right now with false hope that I can actually make great gains ‘naturally’.

Feel free to post pictures of your ‘natural’ progress. (please be honest so as not to send me on a false whim)

Thanks guys. Your help so far has been fantastic from this site and I would like to thank all those involved with it.


I’m hoping this is a troll job.

If not… look, the idea that you can’t obtain a highly muscular physique without steroids is too ludicrous to give serious thought to. Seriously. Bodybuilding is older than steroids. Look at pics of eugene sandow.

If you’re looking for before and after pics, read this thread
T-cells before and after.

If you’re just looking for pictures of people on this site… you’ve caught the ghey.

Not a troll job (whatever that means lol)

I guess I’m just looking some reassurance after people keep telling me that I’m wasting my time without any gear.

And no, nowhere near teh ghey. lol

Not only were the physiques on that site built pre steroids, they were built pre protein powder, creatine, BCAA’s, multi vitamins, test boosters, fish oil etc. etc. etc. They drank milk, ate eggs and beef and worked hard.

Any more questions?

i am sure there are natural lifters in your gym that you can emulate

Well, I don’t really go round asking them if they are natural or not. But I know what you mean.

I think the posts above have reassured me and I’m glad I made this thread.

Thanks again guys. :slight_smile: