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natural testosterone

I am 31 and have recently discovered this site on the net. I have worked out on and off through the years and have done a variety of training including gaining 30lbs of weight and losing 35lbs of weight, I actually went from 160 lbs to 191lbs. Then I had to stopper working in the weight room and onto the construction floor and it was mostly gone. ANyway, my body seems to be responsive to anything I try although I am a hard gainer. I’m 6’1" and 169.5lbs with around 12-16% body fat. I am very active with a hyperspeed type metabolism. Anyway, I am heading back to the gym and want to gain some weight. Up one pound this week. I do take Designer Protien. I was wondering, other than squats, what else will boost your bodies natural testosterone release? Great site by the way!

So what if you take Designer Protein. What is this supposed to mean?

Tribex or Red Kat, both available through the store (link to your left) in a Buy Two, Get One Free deal.

Many people on this site will confirm that these two work VERY well.

Good luck on your return to the weights.


The “Buy Two, Get One Free” deal is gone. But don’t let that deter you; Tribex and Red Kat are excellent.