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Natural Test Ups and Downs

No I know the body’s test Barrie’s day to day. But I can symptomaticly feel the difference threw out my process. When this all started my t was in 170 and I felt I’ll. When when I retested I was i 309. Did not feel great but did not feel ill . The I was back down to 190. Felt I’ll. Last week I was 319 and felt ok I can see from my logs. Those were they days I completed a work out or had sex with wife.

Now the last 3 days. I’ve worked 3 12 hour hospital shifts and I feel better than I normally would for this many days. The only thing that has changed. Is I quit doing my calisthenics work out as I feared I would exhaust me in the past before a long work week.
You guys pre trt. Any one feel like they cycled like this.

Im under the assumption that Tuesday my md will order shots. I’m by no means question the need to start replacement because I know this will only get worse as I get older ( I’m 42). I have just never seen a question like this posted. So I thought I would ask.

I had the natural ups and downs pre-TRT, mostly felt like crap. The only way out is TRT because you can’t hold onto optimal levels forever.

Today I actually feel like having sex. But the wife crazy about me having to be stuck with a treat ment for life. Don’t want to tell her I’m in the mood. She already doesn’t believe me and how I felt over the last 4 months

Maybe she is worried you’ll always have the sex drive of a teenager, one day she will hit menopause and need therapy as well. If I had a wife that was against me going on a treatment the prevents disease and improves heart and cardiovascular system health, that’s the day I file for divorce.

Your wife doesn’t have much faith in her man telling her he feels amazing, maybe she’s jealous.

I thin it’s be cause she hasn’t researched it her self . The stigma of steroids. I explained I just want natural energy to be horney and be able give it 100% at the gym.

The media is to blame, a guys has a heart attack as the result of heart disease and is on TRT and the media sensationalizes it hinting that maybe TRT cause it.

Fuck her brains out is my advice.

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Don’t suppose trt extends that venture

Actually it does. I lost about half my penile sensitivity so I can fuck for days and no longer have to think about baseball.
Go look into clomid treatment or HCG with an AI. Or even Novadex with diet and exersize tweeks.

She’ll be all for TRT after that, samething happened with me and my ex. Haha

I sure hope so. I go to bed shortly after the kids due to fatigue. And my wife ain’t a morning person. Last year we had sex like 6 times